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Audio/Video products reviews:

Audience Forte F5 power chord

Audience Forte F5 power chord (deutsche Version)

Audience Ohno interconnect RCA cables

Perkune Matrix power cable

Book reviews

Rock: 1000 dischi fondamentali by Eddy Cilia and Federico Guglielmi

Viaggio nel fantasmagorico giardino di Apparitio Albinus by Claudio Romo

CD reviews

71 Spiders

Argus Megere

At The Gates-Slaughter of the Soul

Autopsy - Mental Funeral

Billy Idol - Billy Idol

Bull Brigade - Il Fuoco Non Si è Spento

Cathedral - The Garden of Unearthly Delights


Day Of The Beast - First Invocation

Deadly Carrion

Deep Purple_Slaves and masters

Dig Me No Grave

The Erkonauts


Flux Amuck

Fractured Spine - Memoirs of A Shattered Mind

Fractured Spine -Songs Of Slumber

Fractured Spine - The Price of Retribution

Hour Of Anguish_Into the Empty

Inner Axis

Last Snow - Last Snow

Michael Owens - The Right Kind of Crazy

Mortician - Darkest Day of Horror

Napalm Death_Smear Campaign

Napalm Death_Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism

Onkel Hryum

Pantera_Reinventing the Steel - 20th anniversary

Plastic Tears - Anthems for Misfits

Polynove Pole

Queensryche - Rage for Order

Rainbow - Bent out of Shape


Roof Down

Sixgun Renegades

Teeth Of Lamb

Unfulfilled Fate

CD reviews concerning styles very far from rock

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Vinyl reviews

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