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'Squared Circle'

(Self-released cartoon CD - 2019)

MARK: 80/100

  A cartoon CD containing half an hour of music constitutes the debut album for the USA duo, who has self-produced the eight compositions and has opted for a front and back cover that mistakenly would have you think you're about to listen to a Death or Black Metal act. On the contrary Unfulfilled Fate is a studio band avoiding every easy cataloguing, and the back cover stands out thanks to the logo contained inside a full moon, while the logo is hidden in the cemetery gate metalworking as for the front cover.
The two-piece mean to pay special attention to their logo as they have also had it printed on the disc itself in black, which makes it very 80s-styled, and that is definitely a plus in my view.
The two musicians live far away from each other and have never played live but the drummer's recent relocation is giving the two members the opportunity of finally working together in the same place.
The idea behind Unfulfilled Fate's monicker is that when you are young your dreams are world changing, monstrous in scope, and for the most part, impossible. As you gain knowledge the dream of your youth just seem to die away or just get scaled down to something more attainable. Hense what you think your Fate is while you’re young remains Unfulfilled in life.



The opener "Exotic Dancer" blends Hard Rock and Metal with a Zakk Wylde's style twist, whereas "Freak" appears as incisive Alternative Metal with slightly effected vocals in the vein of Ozzy Osbourne.
Beginning as a melanchonic ballad embellished by stunning vocals, "Endless Winter" is probably the peak of the album. Worthy of mention are also majestic, immense riffs as well as the first of two axe solo preceding a crushing Gothic Metal riff.
In "Cheveyo" bass and drums are the protagonists; we're in front of an aggressive instrumental track, which is also gifted with an angelic interlude before its decisive assault.
The curiously titled "I Hate Myself for What You've Done" turns out to be Modern Metal with a heavily effected voice from the hereafter. Particular appreciation goes to a series of infectious riffing strokes suited for vigorous headbanging featured in this track.
Zakk Wylde's reminiscences are back during the tight 80s Hard Rock rifferama of "Hit the Ground Running"; the guitar is matched with Ozzy Osbourne-influenced vocals conquering the fans' likes right after the first CD play.
Heavy and Dark Metal elements mix within "Rage", the most wicked song and the one including the fastest and most dynamic drumwork of the eight pieces present here. The song is enriched with a long, piercing, old-fashioned axe solo.
Longer than the others, extremely sinister, and winding up among slow reverberated vocalizations, "Dominate" recurs to accelerations, double kick drumming and a refrain that has your mind gradually absorbing it. In addition, there is a central part displaying a spoken dialogue between a man and a dominated woman ready to fulfill the lucky man's every sexual desire.

Not much is known about this combo, but what needs to be spread now is that the two musicians are able to deliver a bunch of songs where each is quite unlike the others stylystically and regarding the sounds used, yet all of the eight episodes fit well together consistently.


  MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 10 October 2019

James Deabler - guitars, bass, vocals, lyrics

Exotic Dancer
Endless Winter
I Hate Myself for What You've Done
Hit the Ground Runing

-Squared Circle (CD - 2019)

Line-up on this record:
James Deabler - g., b., v., k. and lyrics
David - d.

Ogallala, NE - USA

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