Intie with blond Veronica Lasher




Q: What emotions did U feel while writing the album and which now that the work's done?
A: I am mostly surprised and amazed at all of this. I first came to the table with music and lyrics but the unique sound created by all four of us changed the whole feel and direction from the former "folkish" style I was using as a solo performer to an edgy rock based sound. I have to thank my fellow band members for shining and fine tuning each song with their talent.

Q: The other songs I haven't heard which are out of the promo, are they somewhat different from these 4 or in the same direction?
A: As much as I try to mix it up, the final decision is up to the listener. I try to keep away from a set methodology for writing. I would have to say that "Thorn" and "Reaching You Now" are harder hitting than say "Healing From the Harm" or "California".

Q: In a review of your material, a journalist also talked about some folk influences along with pop & rock, but I ain't found'em. Are they maybe in the other songs not included in my promo?
A: I ain't found 'em either... Perhaps that was based on that journalist seeing Joe and I in our pre-band "acoustic phase" when we first started playing out. As far as the sound we have now, I would not use "folk" in any way to describe our style. To answer the second part of your question, "No". There are no hidden folk tracks on any of our songs...even if you play it backwards.

Q: Why haven't U released your album for a label? What labels contacted U to date?
A: Our promo EP/album is available to anyone at a label. Since we have a basic understanding of what a label will look for before they sign us,we are making an active effort to seek out both a booking agent and a manager so that we can "prove" to a label that we can attract an audience and sell a product. We haven't been contacted by a label yet. If anyone has a personal contact with someone at a label, please help us out.

Q: Do U have a keyboard player just live or are U gonna include him/her in your official line-up?
A: Marc Killian and I play keyboard but both of us are stronger guitar players. As much as I would like to have a live keyboard set-up, it's not as much of a necessity for us as having a lead/rhythm team.

Q: Don't U think that it's true that North Carolina doesn't offer much in the way of competition or as many musical opportunities? If I'm not wrong lots of bands flee from N. C., while U've moved from Nashville to that state!
A: Although the competition isn't as heavy in this state, there are opportunities to play a variety of venues both inside and outside of Wilmington. Opportunity is where you find it. It's true that Wilmington is not included in the "Big Three" musical states (Nashville, Los Angeles, or NY) but it's a great place to learn what works. We have to crawl before we can walk. I believe that we will eventually get back to Nashville but we need to get tight so that when our opportunity knocks, we don't embarrass ourselves. First impressions last. We want ours to be spectacular.

Q: Which are your influences?
A: I am influenced by human emotion and the great range of feelings produced by the five senses played out in relationships of every sort. Love,to me, is one of the most complex and readily available topic for me to write about.

Q: Are U inspired by books, movies, dreams or everyday reality?
A: Yes. All of the above. I have no set time or place I write. Mostly, the subjects present themselves at their convenience. I'm never in a perfect spot to write so most of my ideas are on napkins, paper plates, toilet paper, etc.

Q: Are all lyrics by you? Do U wanna tell us something more about'em?
A: I write all of the lyrics. If I told you something more about them, your perspective and personal experience in hearing them would change. That's why videos sometimes suck. Explaination changes your view of what the song is from what you believe it to be about.

Q: Why doesn't (US) rock ever die, even if it's older than 50 years,without original ideas, and esp. there're a lot of new styles out every year?
A: I believe that old rock is a staple of society because it represents freedom. It doesn't die because it reminds us of our roots. Since there is nothing new under the sun, musicians search for different ways to express the same emotion our "old-rock grandaddy's" used to crank out.

Q: U're not so young anymore. Did U record any CD's with your previous bands and what were their names?
A: Thanks for that bitter remark. You're getting older too my friend. (Not at all, I've just had a pact with the guy with the horns, U should've heard of him, to be immortal and the same age forever...Seriously, I know, but I gave up singing 10 years ago; however, I didn't mean to offend you, it was just a mere true fact for those who don't know you, so as to introduce the question; furthermore, everybody knows that inside the old barrel one finds the best wine, my enticing romantic blond rock girl/Note of M.G.). To answer your question, I recorded an earlier CD for my family and friends with the help of my friend, Steve Antonelli, in Nashville. It wasn't released to the public but we did use it to try to get gigs when we moved to Wilmington. It must've been O.K. because we caught both Marc's attention with it and they liked what was on it.

Q: Your live public must be esp. from 28 years over, cuz the young prefer new metal or heavier music genres than yours. Does it really happen like that?
A: Our audiences range in age. It's hard to tell by looking but most are college age (21-25). Our audience is mostly female too. I think that younger men tend to listen to heavier bands but they aren't at most of our shows. Their girlfriends are. There are exceptions to every rule. We've played at heavy music clubs and were received with open arms.

Q: How many times do U rehearse a week?
A: Usually we rehearse three to four times a week including the recording sessions.

Q: Is choosing a nice front-woman a factor helping you because a whole lotta boys more come to your shows and buy your Cd's, or is there anything more?
A: Fronting a band has it's rewards but not necessarily for those reasons. (Three men, one woman, it's hard to communicate sometimes). A large percentage of our audience is female. I hope it's the music that brings men to the show. Whatever the reason, I hope everyone has a great time. Thanks for your willingness to give us a try. Sincerely, Vee (un abracio)

Markus: thanx for being so sweet. A hug and a kiss on your velvet belly, Veronica!



-EP (2002)
-CD (self-produced and -released - Winter 2002)

Joe Paris, PMB 127, 1319-cc Military Cutoff Rd., Wilmington, NC 28405, 910-264-2737 - USA


Veronica Lasher, v. and g.
Marc Killian, g. and back-up v.
Marc Bynum, b.
Joe Paris, d.