Treats from the Underground Webzine

Deus ex machina Burton welcomes us to unveil us the secrets behind his wonderful megazine






1) First of all, when did you start the zine and why?
Well, I started the zine back at the end of 1997 when my band FAMILY OF FREAKS broke up. I wanted to do a zine for a long time, but never had the time, money or proper equipment to do so. Once the band ended I had the time (then) to do a zine. I basically do the whole thing myself so it takes a long time to get each issue out. I have had a lot of different life changing things happen since then to cause many delays, but I'm still pushing forward.

2) Was it just you in the beginning?
It really has been just me through the whole process. My girlfriend Mia transcribes all the interviews I do over the phone or in person for me. Evan does all the record reviews cause I don't have a record player. I do all the interviews, contacts, music reviews, movie, zine, live, web reviews, layout for the magazine & pay for the whole thing as well. It's really hard work & takes a lot of time & money, but I love doing it.

3) How many hours a week do you dedicate to this, I think I can already define it, magazine? I work full time on 2nd shift at a factory making roofing tar. My girlfriend works 1st shift at her job, so we never really get to see each other. I spend all my free time trying to get this stuff done as well as doing all the other things I can around my home & stuff. I would say I spend anywhere from 20-40 hours a week doing this. It's like working 2 full time jobs.

4) I'm curious to know how many CD's, tapes, VHS, DVD's and comix you have home...
I have a ton of these. I have over 2000 CD's, 1500 tapes, about 300 DVD's (I've only had my DVD player for a year & a half), I only have about 50 VHS (I have been upgrading all of them to DVD) & about 5000 comics. This is really all I spend my money on, so this is why I have a lot.
(You are really lucky and many would envy you, believe me!/note of Markus Ganzherrlich)

5) What do you do in your spare time? I never really have any spare time.
When I'm not working, doing the magazine/label/website, spending time with my girlfriend, I'm usually sleeping.

6) And what would you do if you weren't working for Beowolf? Well, I started Beowolf Productions & love doing this stuff, so I couldn't see myself doing anything else. I would like to start another band again. If I wasn't doing this I would probably work for some other label or magazine.

7) What issue did you already arrive at?
I only have 6 print issue out at the moment. Like I said above I do this mostly all by myself & have had a lot of things happen in my life since the start of the magazine. I bought a house 2 years ago & spent lots of money & still am doing things around the house. I also was unemployed for about 6 months cause of the 9-11-01 terrorist attacks. That's when i started the website, to try & get as much stuff I could on the site cause I have fallen behind in a lot of stuff. I'm starting to catch up now though.

8) What new articles are you gonna add to make it more interesting? I'm trying to add more interesting interviews with other people in the music business, besides just bands as well as other people in the movies, tv scenes as well. I started this already, but would like to add some more.

9) Do you reckon TFTU has a proper edge? If so, how's it differ from the countless 'zines in the USA? (I feel competition must be very strong and it's hard to keep the prices low...)
I think it has a good middle feel to the magazine. Since I cover all forms of extreme music, not just one style I tend to have a wider audience than most zines out there. I tried adding a more positive edge to my magazine, while most tend to be more concerned about trashy everything. I'm here to support the scene. I feel trashing something is not supporting the scene. Just cause i don't like it, doesn't mean that everyone else out the does as well. If i don't really like something I just describe what style it is, give some comparisons, etc... I do the same thing if i do like it, but I also add a few more opinions, not just the facts. I am into all styles of music & i think you need to be really open minded if your going to do a magazine & be in the music scene. This is where I get most of my criticisms from, cause i never rip into people or bands. If you don't like it, don't review it, bu t don't slam it just to slam it. Support the scene, not tear it apart!!!

10) What made your zine last so long so far? I think the reason my zine has lasted is cause I have been in the underground scene since 1990. I started my distro label in 1994 & my magazine in 1997 & my site at the end of 2001. I have done nothing but support this scene that i love so much & keep finding other ways of doing so. I have gotten more open minded the more i do this, so i think that people really appreciate that i will give everything a fair chance & don't block anything or anyone out cause of the style of music they play or cover in their magazine. I truly support all extreme music & will continue to do so. We are all in this together!!!

11) I've finished my questions, so you can add all you want and use all the place you need.
I first want to thank you markus for this cool interview, the great review you gave my magazine & wish you the best of luck with all your efforts. Anyone who is interested in having their products reviewed & distributed please send sample to the address below. I also do a lot of trading, so if you have anything to trade, send a list & you'll get mine. Everyone please check out my site, sign the guestbook & support the scene to keep it alive!!!

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