1) First of all, comment and compare the new songs with the old material in details.
The new songs crush the old ones. More violence and aggression in them. The old ones are killer, but I think we have progressed into more lethal band now.

2) Do U think U've given 100% this time or could the songs come out in a better way if U'd had more money and time at your disposal?
We never believed you have to be in the studios for two months to make a killer album. Most songs are played with the best emotion right when you start them off. To do a million takes on a song kills the natural flow of a song. Fucking come in and assualt like a panzer tank is the way record.

3) I believe that the guitars, esp. in the solos and the vocals are mixed low. What do U think about it?
Just turn the album up to maximum volume!! Actually I thought they sounded fine. Sometimes in the studios everything sounds so perfect on the studio speakers that you do not realize these things until later. But I am totally satisfied with this recording.

4) Why did U decide to mix "Wrath of War" in Germany? Actually it was mastered in Germany. We did the final mix here in Texas. Osmose suggested we get it mastered by Peter Neuber. I think he did a fantastic job in bringing out all the power of the music.

5) I don't have the lyrics of your latest effort. Can U tell me who writes them, what they talk about, and what U're inspired by?
Swornghoul and Blackthorn write the lyrics. Concepts involve ancient retribution. War and Battle. Satanism. And the lies of the Christian Church. These hymns of Blasphemy are inspired by the thoughts that form in our demented minds.

6) The bands who've influenced U most are prob'ly Angelcorpse, Immortal, Vital Remains and then who? What are your all-time fave/most important black metal bands?
Those bands you listed I like but I do not think they are influences. Our most vital influences are Blasphemy, Sarcofago, Necrovore, old Mayhem, old Slayer, Possessed, Beherit, Dark Angel, and Celtic Frost. (THIS MAN HAS ALL OF MY RESPECT, HE'S WISE AND GOT A-1FLAVORS/NOTE OF MARKUS GANZHERRLICH). These bands are fucking masters of black and death metal.

7) How much place's Black Metal have in the US now that it's outa fashion, and everyone knows your country's very sensitive to fashion changes?
Black Metal here in the States is supported by some diehards fans and that will never change. Yes the trends come and go here and that will always be the case with most people here. But there are some of us who live for black/death metal and never will change our ways for poser trends. The trendiness of our country is very repulsing!!

8) What do U answer those claiming that in the last 10 years there's been a steady music and originality quality levelling downwards along with an increase of the number of CD's released?
I think the people who say these things do not look hard enough for the bands who are unknown and making some very incredible music. Some of the old guard have lost their power and it time for the new hordes to rise from the underground. Everything rises and falls.

9) How did it happen that U play Black Metal and not another genre? Do U have any side projects of other styles?
Because Black metal is what I express myself best with. I do like other styles of metal but Black metal is elite. We have not other projects at this time since we focus on Thornspawn only right now.

10) What was the hardest period of your career, why and how did U overcome that?
I think when our drummer and vocalist moved away for a year to another city. We only got to practice once every couple of months. But we insisted in not breaking up due to passion for this band. He is back now and things are going strong.

11) Is San Antonio's Festival U organize the biggest in the US as for Black Metal?
Blackthorn our drummer has been the organizer for the fest the last couple of years. I say it is the one that started it all over here. There was no black metal fest here until The Sacrifice of the Nazarene Child started. This fest has had many underground bands play including Absu, Black Witchery, Sadistic Intent, Krieg, Judas Iscariot, Kult of Azazel, Ibex Throne, The Chasm, Noctuary and of course Thornspawn. This fest is the only one that matters to many here.

12) Could U cite some of the new bands that have impressed U more favorably? Waitan, Antaeus, Black Witchery, Arkhon Infaustus, Revenge, Noctuary, Manticore, and that is all I can think of off hand.

13) Do your shows have any scene specialties or are they simply based on the music impact? We have things like smoke and candles. Banners too. They all add to the ambience of our live show.

14) Which countries outta the US did U play or are U gonna play in?
We want to play in Mexico, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and Denmark. This is where we seem to have a lot of interest.

15) U're one of the very few black bands with a drummer/singer and above all U never changed your line-up. Quite a record! How come? Didn't U ever find a valid drummer or singer? We have had bass player problems since the beginning. But guitars and drums have always been the same core. Well, Blackthorn handles the vocals and drums with ease so that is not really an issue. We did have one vocalist on our Demo "The Dacian Empire" but he moved to another city so that sucked. We did experiment with a vocalist once awhile later but he was not of the mental standard we required. He was a damn fool actually. Our new bassist Hellbeast is doing some backing vocals and this is working out killer.

16) How have your previous Cd's sold worldwide? Do U sell most in the US, Japan, Norway or elsewhere? Since we never got any real type of statements from Baphomet it is hard to say. I think though we got the best distribution here in the US.

17) Which are Thornspawn's short and long terms goals?
Short term would be to get on a good tour. Long term would be to create an even more lethal album in the future.

18) A personal curiosity. Do U earn more from the royalties deriving from the Cd's sold or from the merchandising U sell at your shows? Again, we never got one royalty check from Baphomet so I can't really answer you. But we do sell a lot of merchandise at shows.

19) Apropos of war , do U think a 3rd World War's about to begin? How've your lives changed after that damned 9-11-01? Are U less scared of terror assaults, since U live in San Antonio, which is not the last city in the US, tho not even a symbolic or a nerve-center of the Star-Spangled economy?
San Antonio is a major military city in the US. There are alot of Air Force and Army bases here. So we have to keep up our guard. Most Americans are more ready to fight than be scared of a bunch rugheads. They want a war and we gave them one. I can't wait to see every single one of them drowning in their own blood!! We let our country get too nice with political correctness. The beast has been tamed for too long.

.20) D'you have any ideas about how your next songs will sound like?
They will be more grim and aggressive. We shall never let our assault down.

21) Do U wanta signalize your e-mail address and website for the ones who still don't know U? Yes, you can reach me at and web addy is

22? Final message/greeting/threat. Take all the place U wish.
Hails to you Markus for taking the time to interview us. Prepare for Annihilation. The Wrath of War has begun!!!