.Answered by Joakim Jonsson , drummer of Skyfire



-What are the main differences with your previous work?
The songs are a bit more mature in a way , we have added some new influences as well , some more progressive elements as well as fatter and heavier stuff. Henrik has improved his vocal style , we have become better musicians as well.

-Was it harder or faster to record it this time?
It was neither , we hadnīt rehearsed any of the songs when we entered the studio so we were a bit nervous that we would make it in time , but everything floated on really smoothly so it was pretty easy to record "Mind revolution".

-Is your line up steady?
Steadier than ever I would say , after two tours I think we know each other from the inside and out , weīre stronger than ever as a band and we really know what we will do with Skyfire.

-Do U wanna talk about the lyrics more deeply?
Since Jonas and Henrik wrote the lyrics , I canīt say that much about them , sorry... I think the lyrics are really great and fit the music perfectly.

-And as to scene backgrounds, lights or effects live? Will you just be concentrated on the music?
Mostly yes , but when we played in South Korea , we used a lot of effects , both lights and explosives. We havenīt got that much of a live budget yet so we canīt do that much yet. I think our music speaks for itself , but it is always great to give the audience something extra.

-Do you consider being a musician a true job or just the best way to survive without being crushed by the daily grind?
I really hope that we can live on our music , thats our dream and goal.

-Do U have any side projects?
I play with : "The mist of avalon" , "Skinfected" , "Autumn dweller" and "Dust" (together with Henrik). Henrik sings with "Viscious" and plays guitar and vocals in "Dust". Jonas plays with some rockband that I canīt remember the name of , but theyīre really good. Martin has got some solostuff , Andreas is the only one that is true to Skyfire.

-Do U have time to answer all your fans?
Yes we make that time also , I think itīs really important to support our fans. After all , we wouldnīt be anything without them , so weīre really thankful of our fanbase that keeps growing each day!

-Final message for your Italian fans...
Thank you for the interview , hope to see you soon! Check out our new release "Mind revolution" , our debut "Timeless departure" and our limited Mcd "Haunted by shadows". Have a visit at our website : www.skyfireonline.net for more info , pics , mp3īs and much more.