brave words and bloody nuckles courtesy of bass-player Patrick Boleij


1) Are U satisfied with "Misanthropic Carnage"? I like it very much, but "Feasting on Blood" was sublime! This is good, the bass is better defined, but it's a little repetitive and it doesn't change very much from the past.
- We are very satisfied with "MC", it is what we wanted it to be, I believe it is better than "Feasting". It doesn't differ to much from the first album, but this is our style.

2) Couldn't U have:
a) spent more time on some songs; or
b) written more songs and therefore have had more possibilities where to choose from?
-The time we had for writing the songs was enough, the songs were written the way we wrote our first album. We don't believe in writing more songs so you can choose, we only play a song if we are totally satisfied with it, so why should we write more than we have to?

3)Why did U opt for Franky's Recording Kitchen?
-We were satisfied with the first album, so we decided to go back, the people there understand what we want and know how to get the best out off us. Maybe in the future we will try an different studio, but we are not really looking for one.

4)U had to cancel your date in Switzerland because of your cover artwork, reputed offensive for the value of life (Swiss promoter's words). Then, why didn't U release the CD with a censored cover artwork as U did in Germany? Maybe they'd ve let U play under these conditions...
-The promoter for the tour send an uncensored promo copy, so that is why the show got cancelled. Next time we will make sure that the promo copies will be censored too, censorship sucks, but we don't want to give in so the next cover will be brutal again. It was to bad that we couldn't play there, but we will go back and do some small shows there.

5)Analize your past and present production.
-The first album showed the growth of the band form 1997- 2000. That album contained almost every song we had ever written. The second album shows the growth of the band since the first album, we defined our style. But we are still trying more different things.

6)What're the new songs you've written in these months like?
-We haven't really written songs yet, we are working on some things. We want our next album to be killer again so we are really taking our time.

7)How will U erase the strong similarities U have with C.Corpse and M.Angel (as to slow parts)?
-Well, we are trying to get our own way of playing, but I guess that there wiil always be people who will compare our music to other bands. We don't care, we play death metal the way we want it, but sometimes people really piss me off if they compare us with other bands, they just have to take it the way it is. Especially magazines are good at that, I know it is their job, but we don't critisize them either, almost all magazines ask the same things, how is that for originallity? Don't take this personall!

8)Which do U prefer, the new Dutch death scene (Sinister, Houwitser, God Dethroned) or the old one (Pestilence, Asphyx...)?
-I like them both, I am a big fan of Pestilence, but also from Sinister, Pyaemia, Disavowed, Inhume and lots more. Holland has always been a good place for death metal, I believe that most of the best European death metal acts come from Holland.

9)Why does Holland breed so many extreme or at least heavy bands, yet few melodic ones? Hemp relaxes after all...(haha)
-I really don't know, I guess that Dutch bands do what they are good at. Swedish bands can do the melodic stuff.

10)Is it true the European audience is more prepared than the US one coming to death metal shows?
-Well, the distances on the US are bigger, so it is harder to go to shows. But indeed the european crowds are very fanatic, they are more prepared to go to underground shows.

11)Do U still like to go on tour or R U a little sick of playing the same songs every night for 3 months uninterruptedly?
-Touring is great, and we play the songs that we like so we don't get fed up with them. We will be on tour in Europe in March again, and we can't wait for that.

12)The magic 80's have gone, but I'm curious to learn if there're still a lot of cute death metal groupies as in the golden age, getting into the bus and backstage? (Don't worry, your girlfriends won't know)
-No, no groupies for us, I think that girls are scared by us, haha.

13)What music do you listen to when off tour?
-Death metal!!! and also doom metal.

14)Nowadays lots of decent CD's come out, cos technology corrects mistakes, the recording techniques have improved, and it costs less to record; unluckily today there're too many CD's coming out and 98/100 bands aren't original. Don't U find it a contradiction? I mean, metal, esp. extreme metal, is underground again, so it should be the opposite (=less CD's released, but the few released should have a good quality and originality, because when something isn't financially convenient, those who don't really love it, play another style which is trendy at that specific moment)...
-Indeed there are too many death metal acts, I also believe that there are a lot off people who play what is popular at the moment. But the good acts will stand out and survive, just like the first time. We started playing this shit when black metal was very popular, the death metal scene in Holland sucked, but we wanted to play death metal.

15)What characteristics does a new band have to own in order to be noticed amongst its several competitors?
-Love for death metal, knowing how to handle your instrument and be able to write catchy songs.

16)Do U have any side-projects? What styles of? Have U already recorded any demo or CD with them?
-Seth and I used to play in Centurian, and we were one a mcd and a full-length (which were extremely valid/note of Markus Ganzherrlich). Thijs and Dennis just play in ST, but Seth and I are working on an new band, which will be killer, I will not say to much about it, you will find out next year!

17)What would U do if U weren't a musician?
- Be a total alcoholic!

18)Final space for whatever U wanna say to your (Italian) fans. Take all the place U need.
- Thanx for the interview and support! Get drunk and stay metal!

Heel veel dank voor uw tijd,

Editor Markus Ganzherrlich - 26/11/02


Dennis Schreurs, v.
Seth van de Loo, d.
Patrick Boleij, b.
Thijs van Laarhoven, g.