None so cold

.Questions answered by Nordvargr himself after the release of 'Awaken'


-Some time has passed after "Awaken"'s release. Are you still satisfied completely or is there something you'd like to retouch into better now?
No, I am still content with the release. I am especially happy with the good marketing, especially since Code666 allows me to meet a new audience that never would have noticed the release otherwise.

-Are the inspiration sources the same as for your other bands?
No, all my bands get inspiration from different sources... My ambient works are mostly inspired by the calmness of the night, the Swedish landscapes and the possibilities that there is something that you cant see in the darkness.

-Do you feel necessary to release so many bands with similar styles to one another? Don't you think your fans might get confused or lose some releases because of so many parallel duties?
You are wrong - all my projects have different styles; All releases in my own name (Henrik Nordvargr Björkk) are dark/ambient. HH9 is pure noise. Toroidh is folk / military / historical.

-What about your next releases with N. and the other bands? Are you going to reprint something else on 205 Recs?
There is a lot going on; A new Nordvargr album will be out on OEC later this year, same with HH9... Toroidh releases a 7" and a split CD with Arditi (Puissance sideproject) on Neuropa etc etc...

-Can you describe us what marks of keyboards, samples, etc you use? Do you also use CDs containing audio files or is all from keyboards and samples?
I never reveal my equipment... but I use lots of equipment ranging from old analogue synths, samplers, guitars, computers, metal pipes etc etc...

-Have you ever thought of using a human drummer every now and again?
No... well, I have used some real drums with Toroidh, and that will probably develop..

-What is the future of Europe and the world? Is the end near? What do you feel and hope?
Who knows? I hope we can make Europe united and strong again, but not in the way that we are working now... too much corruption and political bullshit. As for the end of the world... whatever. All good things must come to an end.

-Is it correct to say your music comes from the dark side of yours, which is present in every man, but you tried to take it out instead of hiding and restraining it?
That is a good way of saying it - I believe I am a fairly nice and positive person, but I think I would be different if I hadnt the music as a way of excercising my demons.

-What about your live dates? For those who've never seen you live, what do they have to expect as to the visual side?
I do not perform live with my ambient projects - it is not music that is intended for the stage. Live shows are about confrontation and feelings, which is something that fits my "violent" projects better like HH9 and Folkstorm.

-It's time to say something to your Italian fans. You can take all the place you need if you wanna say sthg important I didn't ask you before.
Keep supporting the scene! Keep music evil.