Lady luck


Ok, fellas, I gotta admit the main reason why I got attracted by this New York's band is because of the female singer's hot look ( Denise Miret, Agnostic Front's bass player and long time frontman's wife, but then I also got into sympathy with their melodic punk indie emo'sh rock, so there were enough reasons to dig for sthg more along with this charming tattoed chick ( What can I do? I'm an Italian, and I'm permanently horny… ).


1) Where does your name come from? Do you believe in destiny? Is it so cos U think that luck's like an exceptionally beautiful lady that makes every man dizzy who's the power to choose to be banged by whom she wishes or fool him whom she dislikes?

D) It comes from the 'old style' tattoes which were popular during World War II…we all like tattoes, so it was the right name at the time. Yes, I do believe in destiny, but in some ways we can all control our life as well. I believe luck comes from karma and how our minds work. If we believe that everything is going bad, then chances are that's the way it will go.

2) U're very pop & melodic, and slightly punk but on Die Hard, which is known esp. among metal or hc fans. Are U sure U've made the right choice?

D) Why should a label have only one style of music? That gets boring. I really like Diehard, and they've been doing a great job, so why not?

3) Which are your strongest influences, respected old bands like Bad Religion or All, or new ones like Green Day, Rancid…, or more likely pop 80's bands?

D) As far as old bands we love the Clash, Blondie and the Sex Pistols, but I've also been influenced by 80's bands like Siouxsie, the Jam, and the Police…

4) I'm certain Denise that you will be rawer live, but why did you decide to have these extremely melodical vocals, the so-called'Debbie Harry-esque' ones as written in your bio on the Cd? Maybe cos there're already too many bands now with female aggressive vocals like Tura Satana, Kittie…

D) I've never been much of a screamer. I guess probably because most of my influences are those who really sing like Debbie Harry and Siouxsie. That's the style I like…

5) Why did the recordings take so long and why 2 different studios?

D) It took us 2 different recordings, cos we had to replace the drummer, and it took some time to find the right one…

6) What do U answer the people sayin' U're just a common rock band with a pretty catchy tattoed girl singin'?

D) Hey, I guess that is what we are! As long as people give us a chance, they'll realize we're not trying to be like anyone else, and that we're truly genuine in every way…

7) The vocal lines with powerful drummin' & fulla-pathos bass lines seem 2 be your aces in the sleeves. Do U agree?

D) That sounds fine to me! So many people have so many different ways of describing us. It's a matter of taste and perception…

8) So your songs are born only from Dana's guitar or also Roger's bass?

D) They come from both, and I usually contribute the lyrics and melodies as soon as the song starts to develop…

9) "State of Mind"'s different from the rest and it seems the best for a videoclip…

D) Yes! I do agree! Hopefully soon we can have a video to which ever song fits…

10) Tell me sthg about the lyrics of 4/5 songs of "Life in Between".

D) Most of my songs are based on the trials and tribulations of my life, but most people agree that they are certainly relate to them. It takes a lot of growth and understanding to figure out one's life these days and each person is so very different…

11) I reckon your Cd's more suitable, sellable to the US than Europe…

D) I don't know about that…Unfortunately the US is so stuck on the Britney Spears and Limp Biskit type bands that there's never any room for 'new' and different bands like us, unless they're willing to take a chance…Diehard took a chance on us, so that's where we'll start for now. I love Europe anyway!

12) US are the easiest place in the world for a melodic punk rock band to reach success, even if ther're so many bands, so I'd like to know how many gigs U do a year and how many concerts U need to do a year in the US to live with music only

D) It doesn't matter how many times you play, it all comes down to being in the right place at the right time…It takes some good LUCK!!!!

13) What does the public see in your performances? Are you Denise gonna tease the audience with ambiguos movements, sentences or looks, or she's gonna have a direct "maler" approach?

D) As far as performance I don't try to do anything but have a good time and be myself…whatever I feel in the moment…

14) The artwork of the Cd's special as to colors, drawings, style, it's far from the mass average; is that an idea of yours or Die Hard's?

D) No, the artwork was our guitarist's ideas of style and design.

15) 3 reasons for which someone who's never heard anythg from U should buy your Cd instead of another similar band's?

1. We are all good looking
2. We don't have any kind of stupid attitudes
3. Our music is unique and each song is different from the others within the album

16) Do U like anythg in brutalcore, death, black, or extreme music in general?

D) I used to like heavier music a long time ago, but I give respect to anyone who will follow their vision and work hard for their art.

17) What would your jobs be if U weren't 4 musicians? Would U live by givin' music lessons or as producers? Or maybe that's what U'll do when too old to tour?

D) I'd be living at the South of France hanging out at the beach and drinking wine. I also do makeup and fashion related work here in New York.

18) Anythg else to add & tell your Italian fans?

D)Well, give us a chance, listen to our music and invite us over to your beautiful country. Ciao!!!

-"A New Beginning" 1997 Split E.P. with Fully
-Life In Between" 2000 CD (Diehard)

Current Line-up:

Denise Miret: Vocals

Roger Miret: Bass

Kana Philip: Guitar

Walter Peperino: Drums