italian classy assault

.Questions answered by vocalist Mauro after the release of 'Insider'


1. First of all, for those who don't know you yet, a short bio and the origins of your monicker.
Kingcrow were born in 1996, thanks to Diego Cafolla (lead guitar) and his brother Manuel Cafolla (drums). The band published and commercialized their first demo "Eyes of Memories" which sold over 700 copies without the help of a distribution network. In 1999, Kingcrow modified its style towards "progressive" sounds and got ready to print "Eyes of Memories" successor. Invited, they attended the second edition of the "prog-metal festival" where 'Skylark' and 'IV Luna' were also present, obtaining a great success. In summer 2000 the band recorded and printed its new demo cd "Hurricane's eye", which received the favour of critics. In the beginning of 2001 Claudio Polito (bass-player), due to personal reasons, resigned and was substituted by Matteo Trinei, a good interpreter of classic-progressive metal music, presently proposed by the band. In the meantime new partitions were written and on Sept. 17, 2001 Kingcrow recorded in "B3 studios" of Milan (Italy) their debut album "Something Unknown". On October 25, 2001, Ivan Nastasi (ex "Sanitarium"), well known guitar player, joined the band. On June 2002 collaboration with singer Stefano Tissi ended by common agreement. He was substituted by me, already WindSeeker's vocalist on Nov. 17, 2002. After hard work, on June 2003 we registered "Matzmariels", a 3 tracks promo CD that means what band experiments gave birth during this time. Ready for the final step, in an alchoolic night I and Diego decided that the new album should have been a concept one. We started to write down some lyrics and a story, and the project "Insider" became reality. "Kingcrow" monicker was inspired by the "Raven" poem by Edgar Allan Poe .

2. Your sound is more mixes Hm, HR and prog. Do these styles best represent you nowadays or have I forgotten anything?
You're right. Our background is simply as you said: Heavy Metal of Iron Maiden and Rainbow, Hard Rock by Deep Purple and something little more AOR, and, naturally, Rush!

3. I've found a lot of care in the arrangements but sometimes I'm not satisfied of the recording. I think it's Ok because it's 80's (except the kick drums) and this is how it has to be, but I believe it should've been fatter, more crushing, because most of your time structures aren't too heavy so they can be distinguished well but they lack groove; it sounds like if they were a bit too cold and the sound doesn't involve all the time. In a nutshell, it's a little home made to many ears nowadays accustomed to superproductions. Are you satisfied of the recording? And how long did recording, mixing and mastering take?
It took 30 days. 30 hard days. Maybe you're right again, the sound is not fat as the glorious 80's productions, but we didn't want to sound as the eightyes too much... Personally I prefer the CD sounds as the 70s, so no fat sounds and a little home maded flavour.

4. Are there any songs left from those sessions? Are you gonna use them in your next CD?
We have three songs. Two of them are in "Matzmariels" EP, released in June 2003 as I previously wrote. The third it's too much power-metal oriented to appear in a Kingcrow album.

5. Why d'you decide to write a concept? Is it since you viewed it as an interesting challenge, or cos you felt you had something more to tell than a bunch of songs written in a rush before the recording like some bands do?
I don't remember exactly what made us decide... We were drunk! So, at the beginning all started as a game, but then we got involved and by now I think that writing a concept made us get mature. When you are busy with a concept you have to pay attention to many more things than a "normal" album: you have a story to follow with the music, so the tracks must have the right atmosphere, you have to sing with different interpretations depending on the moment and charachter... And it's not finished: the booklet is important too... And then there are, in our case, the spoken dialogues, the sound effects... Well, I suggest every band try... It's not simple at all.

6. How did you get in touch with Consitech Ltd. and why just them?
Consytech has been at Kingcrow's shoulder for many years. Only with "Insider", viewing it as a wonderful work, they decided to come out. Why them? Because I think they are the last TRUE producer... Not as all the labels at these days... They are interested just to make money... They don't care to produce 20 all-the-same-power-metal-albums for year, if this means "make money"... They don't care they're killing the music, and much important they're responsible for the young metallers think that bands such as Rhapsody or Hammerfall are the creators of Heavy Metal... I laugh at this, but it's sadly true.

7. What about your line-up? Is it steady? Is it harder to form a band today or keep it together because after awhile people have other job or school duties (I'm giving for granted you don't live with your music so far...).
I'm the last who joined Kingcrow, and by that time (nov. 2002) we've been steady (ahahah)... Yes, I think it can be hard: I had two bands until this march, my job, a marriage to prepare... And I know my bandmates have their own things too... Well, it's in the everyday life... You can do many things and do them well if you want...

8. Do you think that if you moved to Scandinavia, UK, or North America you would've more chances for concerts or record deals?
I don't know... Maybe concerts, because in Italy the situation is nearly catastrophic...

9. Does any of you take musical/vocal lessons? Can you read music? When you Mauro composed 'Lies', did you find the vocal parts before thanks to a genius blow or did they result out after the rhythm and the riffs had been prepared, so that you just had to fit them to music?
I take vocal lessons. The other guys exercise themselves on their own many hours a day and we all can read/write music. When I write the lyrics of a song, I never start without music... We try many solutions, and then choose the one that best applies to the rhythm and general mood of the song.

10. What's your opinion about SIAE? What's the biggest obstacle for Italy to become competitive as to music?
SIAE is a governative organ. So that they're burglars. The laws are made to their advantage. If you sell over a million copies, MAYBE you see some money. I suggest to each italian who's reading, if they can, go abroad to release their album: SIAE will earn the same, but probably you will have to pay less, and not to those assholes!

11. Do you have time to answer all the inties? What's the response been so far in and out of Italian soil?
I'm sorry... we have time... At the moment we're not busy with many interviews as Hammerfall or Rhapsody (uhuhuhhhuhu), but we can say the response is good beyond our expectations... and I hope tomorrow we will tell we have not much time for the interviews...

12. That's all for now. Just take all the place you need if you want to add something or inform your fans.
Nothing to say. Make yours "Insider". Donwload it, buy it, steal it... But make it yours! It's time to study history... it's time to prog! A big hail to all readers, and of course to you, Marco, and thank you again for everything.