brave words and bloody nuckles courtesy of Pam and other members


- First of all, who chose that monicker and why?
Well, Ross says that the name came from a line in the song "Pipe Bomb," and the logo came from a friend of his, a comic artist, who Ross had asked for a coat of arms.

- Can you make a short story for those who don't know you yet?
Hisashi says: "Four individuals destined to meet to revive true rock music." We'll go with that!

- Your style is connected to the old hard rock bands, so this means you're one of the few left in the US who's left their hearts in the 80's sounds?
Yes, we're a dying breed, an endangered species, but that's when we grew up. That's the era we grew up in, so we're really only playing what we were surrounded by (besides, it was the best era, anyway). Although, the jury is still out on that whole growing up thing for all parties involved.

- What do you think of modern (hard) rock bands? Any of them you like?
Everyone has differing opinions on this one so we'll just list 'em: Paul says: "There's a lot of good musicians, but not a lot of good singers. Too much screaming and shouting, and one of the problems I have is that no one pays their dues anymore, so no one appreciates where they get." Hisashi says: "In Italian terms, it's just like Michelangelo and Da Vinci - two different artists, but both are equally great." Ross says: "I like them, for the most part. Particularly, Foo Fighters and Puddle of Mud" And Pam says: "What the world needs now - is more people fighting foo."

- What is your songwriting method and when you Pam write the lyrics of a song, do you usually already have the rhythm lines or the fit riff in your head?
Firstly, I'd have to say that a majority of the original song ideas come from Ross. He'll bring in some idea and we all, together, will, what we've come to term, "KFO it." Sometimes we kick it to the curb immediately and sometimes it's a song by the end of rehearsal. Sometimes, it will be kicked to the curb many many many times, but will somehow keep reappearing in various forms until finally, one day, something hits us differently than on any other day and suddenly a song is born. "Revolution" is a perfect example of that. Other times, two or more of us have gotten together specifically to come up with ideas, and a song or two will come out of that, as was the case with "Off We Go." [Tanaka Disclaimer: It occurs organically and naturally at rehearsal. We do not use any pesticides or growth hormones to induce songwriting in unnatural way. It takes time, but tastes better - and, it is good for you. Just like good mozzarella cheese, you can't rush a good thing.]

- Which situations are more creative for you? While reading, after a dream, while driving your car...?
Creativity comes in many forms, sometimes it's not explainable - it just comes. (And then you smoke a cigarette. No, just kidding!)

- I noticed and reviewed more and more US rock/metal bands with female singers (Evanescence, Vee, Otto's Daughter...)? Just a case or's it mean that:
a) women have more place in rock bands nowadays?
b) a supercharming female vocalist like you is the best ace in the sleeve?
c) women don't wanna be bass players but leaders and vocalists?

Well, first off - thanks for the compliment you snuck in there, dude. Like most professions, women have finally caught up and are doing just fine. We're finally getting a fair shake. But, me, personally, I've always, more of less, been "one of the guys." In all of my projects. My female friends are few.

- What about your live shows? Did you ever have to kick a man's face during a show of yours cos he was behaving like a pain in the ass, and told you: show us your boobs, sing in my mike or stuff?
The last time someone screamed "show us your boobs" Paul stood up and pulled up his shirt! Actually, no on has ever really been that rude to us. We're all about fun and games - we're a little bit on the silly side, even. Except, there was this one time when this guy in Massachusetts showered us with his beer - from the bottle, of course. He was enjoying himself so much - we just let him. Besides, it was Heineken.

- Is it hard for your boyfriend/husband to follow you around the East Coast while you're on tour?
Ross says: Boyfriend? What boyfriend? Keeping a 9-5 relationship for love does not sync with this lifestyle.
Pam says: Tour? What tour? Do you know of any we can go on?

-D'you take vocal lessons? D'you have any heating before a show? Can you also play any instrument?
Ross, writing as Pam, says: (1) Yes myself and guitar spark plug Byron warm up in the car; (2) I warm up by yelling at truckers on the highway. It improves the draw at the door. (Gotta love him!) As for the instruments - actually, yea - I (Pam) play piano, clarinet, a little saxophone, various percussion instruments, a little drums, accordion - I can usually play most things I pick up. I want to pick up a guitar next. All of us are multi-instrumental.

- Did you compose new songs and when will a CD of yours be released by a label?
We've come up with a whole bunch of new tunes since this last album was finished. That's usually the way it goes for us, though. We have a long quiet period, then a whole slew of new songs will erupt. As for the label - I guess we just need a chance. In the meantime, we're perfectly happy doing things the way we've been doing them. On our own. We may not be the best business-people, but we have a great time together. And if we happen to find kindred spirits along the way, the more the merrier! Long Live Rock!

- Do you also sell t-shirts through your website or during your gigs?
When we have paraphernalia, it usually goes pretty quickly at our shows. But all of our merchandise can be obtained by emailing us through the website,, using the or the links. If you want t-shirts - we'll make you t-shirts!!

-Time to close the intie: just take all the place y' need to inform or add anything to your (Italian) fans.
First of all, we'd like to thank you, Markus, for taking the time out to listen to the CD and for the wonderful correspondence over the last few weeks. It's been a true pleasure. Thank you, as well, to any of you who took the time out to read any of this stuff about us. Check out the website and keep in touch - hopefully one day soon we'll be out YOUR way!! Keep the memory of good old rock and roll the way you used to know and love it alive in the 21st Century!!

Editor Markus Ganzherrlich - 26/12/03