Tearing the womb apart!



It's ex-Judgement Day's guitarist Theo van Eekelen to answer me on the occasion of their first album on Osmose. From the way he speaks I can tell U this man really knows how to party!



-How long did it take U in the studio to find such massive and cool sounds?
2,5 weeks, 3 including the mastering. We already knew the Excess Studios, cos we recorded our 2nd album there, too. It was easy to use the computer, find the right sound, etc.

-What're the differences with the previous CD's? And, as many musicians aren't satisfied with their products at 100% after some time the record's out, what can U tell me about "R.I.T.W."?
Yeah, of course I'm satisfied. There're no big differences with the past, maybe the riffing is more technical now that we've got 2 guitar players. Some parts sound heavier than before.

-The kick-drum work is never tight and boring like for some corny death/black bands' records...
Yeah, but that's what U fans want? The double bass is fast-paced only in the title-track, and of course the blast beasts are good when well distributed.

-Don't U think the splatter or sick intros are a bit inflationated?
I don't know. For me it's good to use them. And we have brutal intros that come from real life, they're not from horror movies, like Mortician's, for instance. And they fit our music perfectly.

-How'd U know your new singer Stan, and why have U chosen him?
It's not a long time we've known him. He was rehearsing with his ex-band, of which I don't remember the name, but I know they'd never recorded any demos, never played live, and we heard he'd a great voice, so we asked him to join us when Arjaan left the band. Arjaan wasn't happy in the band and said he had more important things to do. Stan also wrote the lyrics quickly, so it wasn't hard to fit our music his new vocals. And now I hope the line-up's steady.

-What other labels contacted U besides Osmose?
Nuclear Blast, Metal Blade, Repulse, Season of Mist and many others; we chose Osmose, cos they're honest and we like what they've achieved through the years. Now that Immortal have left it, there's more place and we're a priority, while with the a.m. ones we'd ve been at the end of their list and consideration, cos they have bands like Anthrax, Manowar, Hammerfall...

-Is "R.I.T.W." connected to the theory according to which lots of only children are in fact the survivors of a battle between two twin foetuses?
Not really. I've seen Romero's movie "Dark Side", but there' no connection. It was Aad who came out with this title before the songs were ready. It's brutal and we all liked it, so we said yes. As to the lyrics they're all about murders, mutilations, tortures, rapes, serial killers, and all the typic topics of death metal. Then we had the famous Jon Zig illustrate our cover artwork.

-I've never been able to see your video "Feeding on Fools". Is it available on VHS or DVD?
No, but probably U can find it in our website.

-Death Metal has become underground again cos it's out of fashion or cos there're no new ideas and no great bands like in the past?
Dunno. Now it's popular again. After the 1987-92 boom so many jumped on the trendwagon of black, of which I like very few bands, and now many old people've come back into death, while most young people are into Limp Biskit.

-Dutch Death metal scene is second only to the Swedish, the East-European ones, and maybe the German one. What bands seemed to U most interesting in the last 5 years?
Sinister, God Dethroned, Asphyx - unfortunately they don't exist anymore - and then back to Pestilence. Recently Mangled, Centurian, and some others. Centurian blast from the beginning to the end; we played some shows with them and are good friends.

-I've read the dates of your European tour and as I imagined no show in Italy's been booked...
Those are the dates we're playing by ourselves. We gonna play with Dying Fetus and maybe one more band in Italy and other countries next summer.

-"Nailing the Torso", "Score of Corpses", "Unleash the Fury", "37 Stabwounds" and "Exposed to Poison" are my fave songs. U've written new songs in this style?
Yes, 3 complete songs and we're also gonna re-record one track from our 1st CD, "Death but not Buried"

-Time to talk 'bout yer side-projects!
I played in Thanatos and Judgement Day, but I had to quit, cuz I had no time. Michel was in Sinister, while Aad and Alex are also still playing in Sinister.

- Last question: is it always U to release the inties?
Yes, cos I still find the time to answer all, and it'd be messy if we had to divide the inties. It's better to entrust only one. So I'm taking this chance to urge www.rockmetalbands.da.ru's readers to check our website www.houwitser.tripod.com ,and gissa a try by e-mailing us at houwitser@hotmail.com



Houwitser is:
Stan - v.
Michel - g.
Alex - g.
Aad - d.
Theo - b.

-6-track promo (98)
-Death but not Buried (99-CD-Displeased Rec.)
-Split with Grind 6.4 (7")
-Embrace Damnation (00-CD/Picture LP-Displeased)
-March to Die (7")
-Rage Inside the Womb (Jan 14 02-CD/LP-Osmose)