Io amo el Grrrindcore...



Excursus about the Spanish grind/death scene and latest pieces of news at Haemorrhage's.


-U R in Spain what Sepultura are in Brazil. How much has the Spanish scene improved after your world success? And is there more place and attention for Spanish bands now?
Ha, ha, ha...I would like to have all the money Sepultura have now!! When we released our first album we were the first spanish band that released an album in an foreign label, and this opened some new path for spanish bands, with good quality as Machetazo, Repugnanace, and more...We were pioneers in this style.

-Why do U think U were chosen by Morbid Rec.? What specialty did U have if compared 2 the other bands?
I don't know...ask Morbid about that....For me the only good virtue it's our own style....I think you can difference Haemorrhage from a lot of other bands.

-What new Spanish bands do U like most? And where have Reincarnation gone?
I specially like Machetazo, Denak, Repugnance, and old bands as Ruido de Rabia. Reicarnation?? I don't know if they still played I've never been a fan of this band.

-R U satisfied with the split with Depression? I liked it very much, but U have 2 admit the recording is very low. Why?
Yes, I'm satisfied, but the stuff from Depression crush our stuff, cause it's a studio recording and it sounds too loud. Our recording it's a live recording so they should have made a mastering to level both recordings, but they didn't...when the Haemorrhage stuff starts you must turn on the volume!!!!(yes, a lot!!!/note of M.G.).

-Your live tracks are fuckin' cool, cos U really give your 200% on stage; U R crazy, determined and nice, esp. cos your English pronounciation's so amusing ( in a good way, it's not a critic ). U have more fun in Spain cos U can dialogue with the public or abroad?
Yeah! I know, our english pronunciation is weird...we call it "spanglish"...We don't like to speak a lot between the songs...just to introduce the songs, etc...but the split w/ Depression was recoded in our 10 th anniversary party and we were more "crazy" (you know) than in a normal gig...The most of the speech have been erased from the beggining of the songs but there are some nice words on it! We have fun everywhere...don't care about the language...It's not problem.

-Tell us some interesting episode happened on tour or live.
The most weird thing was during the Grind over Europe Tour when all the bands and tour staff had to get down and push the tourbus during a hundred meters cause it didn't work and stopped in the middle of a dark road in the night....imagine over 20 guys pushing a big nightliner...it's awesome.

-R the live tracks of the split all from the same show in Madrid?

-U've been playing live a lot. Has it ever happened 2 U 2 open 4 a band that, maybe cos they were afraid of your killer show capacity, compelled U 2 have lower volumes and few lights? Or have U ever been despised in any north-European country cos U come from Spain as it happens with Italians abroad sometimes?
NO, I never experienced those situations even bands such as Immolation or Cannibal Corpse were very kind to us....they don't worry about little rats as us! Ha, ha....
-R U planning 2 record a video for a live track or R U waiting 2 have money 4 a new studio track from your next CD?
I never thought in a video...there are lots of videorecordings of our shows moving over there...

-How R your songs born? I start writting some riffs and thinking a title then I link all the riffs I have with some other riffs, I include vocla parts and I make the song structure.

-Is there a message U wanna spread through your music?
Yes....we spread this message...stay sick!!!

-What cover would U like 2 record 4 your next CD?
I don't know...maybe some from Necrony or Xysma....

-When is your next Cd gonna be released, and what novelties do we have 2 expect from in your songwriting?
The CD will be released on March 25. It sounds to Haemorrhage but we included some slow parts and even some keyboards and lots of sound effects...but the songs are more brutal I think. We have included lots of parts a rythm changes....we even have a very long song divided in two parts ...a 8 minutes song! That's not usual for a ban like us....but don't be afraid is pure Grindgore...

-Do U feel better in the role of artists/songwriters or live performers?
I feel better as writer.

-Have U changed very much as people in comparison to 10 years ago?
In my personal live I feel I change a lot, but in the music I'm still into the same shit!!!!

-3 words to define Haemorrhage? Sick, Sick, Sick.

-Finally, a sport question: as U all come from Madrid, if I'm not mistaken, how do U foresee the end of the championship and the derby Real- Barcellona?
In my opinion Bacelona have a best team, but Real Madrid have some biggest names. For the derby I support Barcelona. This year in the Real Madrid's 100 anniversary so they are getting some "extra" help. It seems that they have to win anything at any cost, so I think the leage cup will be for them...like a gift. I'm supporter of Atletico de Madrid, but I think that the best players right now are Zidane and Rivaldo. We have an 18 years old guy in Atleico -Fernando Torres- that will be a star in the next years...watch out.