- First congratulations for your Cd. How long did it take you to compose "Godfallos"?
Thanx. Oh I really can't remember, because when I started the first songs to "Godfallos" it was even more R'R than the tracks on the "Vol.Beat" album. I have written so many numbers in so many different styles that we had to drop a lot . We could have done 3 albums , but I am now saving some of thetracks for my new project which I don't have a name for yet.

-Did you record anything separately and then worked on it together or did you jam in the rehearsal room?
I have written all the tracks except "Angelsitter" which Pete Storm did. But we made some demo version on some of the tracks, before the recordings.

-How long did you spend to record & mix? Were there any difficulties to get some sounds?
Well I think, 2 months or so, which is nothing. We were really working under pressure to get the stuff done. Also because Pete Storm became a father for his first child under the recordings. About the sound, I think it is a good clean sound , but the guitar is perhaps to clean for metal, but that's it.

-The sounds are way powerful and very refined, pair to Metallica's last releases. Did Diehard give you a big budget?

No it was not a big budget release, we really needed some more time in studio, but had to stick to the budget Die hard gave us. But then again we are not Metallica, so we couldn't get the 2 years in the studio we wanted, hehe.

-What type of instruments and amplification did you use in the studio?
To do it short, we all play Gibson.

-Why isn't your old drummer with you any longer?

Which one ? Well it's hard to find good members to trust and respect and share a good vibe with. I don't need any smart arses or high yelling fools on drugs in Dominus. And you know people change , and it's not
always to go the same way style- wise . And you know some members got married and got ugly children and small annoying dogs, cats, birds, turtles, but goddamned keep them out of my practice room.

-Where did you find the new one? Did he take part in the songwriting?

The new members in the band are Brian Andersen on drums, and Franz Hellboss on bass. We work good as a team, and I think we all have something to say to create the control a band need to get along.

-To sum it up, I reviewed "G.F." saying it's composed by songs that Metallica would've written today if they were 10 years younger and hadn't reached success ( so still furious inside ), and this can be heard both in your occasional raw vocals and in your violent accelerations and rhythms, all remembering that M. Poulsen's style is personal. Do you agree?
Thank you very much my kind friend, I will salute you forever. It is great to be compared with the world's biggest Metal/ Rock band ( and the best. Well I'm proud of being compared with my idols , without my idols I wouldn't have bought my first guitar. So I take it as a great compliment. (I don't think they're still the best, but I respect your opinion/Note of Markus G.)

-Why didn't your previous albums sell as much as they deserved? ( scarce promotion, public not ready, not fashionable music… )
Thank you very much again. Let's get married. Well my friend I will ask myself that question for the rest of my life, but then again it's not too late .

-Is there gonna be balance live between your old and new songs or are you gonna give more place to the "G.F." ones?
There will be 8 tracks from the new one, 4 from " The first 9" 1 track from "Vol.Beat" and "View to the dim". But the again, that can change.

-I imagine you prefer clubs to festivals…
Ooh we have done so many clubs, so it would be nice with some
festivals. I just prefer lots of happy people .

-What bands would you like to play with for the 1st time?
Hard question . Metallica, Black Sabbath, or Little Richard (What? I'm afraid this man ain't taking this intie too seriously/MG)

-Is there a kind of public you prefer?
The happy ones.

-Is it a problem if someone stagedives?
No not really I think it's okey, it just shows that people are having a
good time, so I'll take it as a compliment. As long as they do not get hurt
or steal my phone , they can jump as long as they want. I will say that we command people to do it.

-G.F." is a concept against religious fanatism and mass manipulation. Can you explain sthg. more about "Cabbage"'s, "Angelsitter"'s, "The Act Of Organic Plastic"'s, "Manipulated Destiny"'s, and "The Face That Wouldn't Show"'s lyrics?
Some of the lyrics are very personal , they express the way I feel about different kind of peoples , the way to look at our society were we the consumers walk around and fill the fat ass money makers pocket with a box on their heads. And some of the lyrics are just visions, and others just primitive bullshit.

-What're the secrets to write a supersong?
Wait just a minute, I'll check my wallet . I don't know. (I have to admit he's quite funny after all!/M.G.)

-Last August I flew to Copenhagen, but surprisingly I learned there was only one rock pub, "Tex", and I' didn't see many metal longhaired people? Why is metal so unpopular in Denmark, while it's widespread in Sweden, Norway, and Finland?
I really don't know. It is sad to see big bands play in small places, because the scene is dying. For me today it is a kind of entertainment .
It has been a religion, but now I see it sometimes as a circus. I'm not dedicated to the Heavy Metal way of life, but I do respect the old bands who still keep the flag high. And then again I'm still a part of the scene, and love to be on stage to get some of the angry shit out of my system.

-Do you think metal is ( worldwide ) living a new life after the crisis period from '92 to '97?
I don't think it is living, but more dying out for each day.

-How do you like Metallica's, Megadeth's, and I.Maiden's latest Cd's?
Very very much they are all my favourite bands.

-Instead of the usual question ( with consequent banal answers ) "What sorts of music do you like?", I'll ask you which you hate most and why.
I don't like jazz , techno, opera, MTV pop . it's just not my taste of what you call music.

-Anything else to add to your Italian fans?
First of all I would like to thank you for your kind words and interest in Dominus. And for our Italian fans, I hope to be able playing for you one day. Keep the Dominus flag high, we salute you.

-Thank you for the nice chat, man! It was a pleasure.