-How would you describe your style? I think there're death, grind and thrash, but some said you have Black vocals, which is wrong, cos they confused them with grind ones. What's your view?
On one hand it's not wrong to say that Jimmy (the lead vocals) have some black vocals because one of his major influence is black metal.On the other hand BRUTAL TRUTH is a major influence for him too. So, you can see that it's a mix of his various influences that make their vocals sometimes more black and sometimes more Grind, even if the music of ATROCIOUS DEVOURED is more based on a Death Grind mix.

-How do the 6 re-recorded songs differ from the previous versions? Is it just a sound change or also the structure of the songs has been modified?
They don't differ in the structure, but the sound change gives these songs another dimension which comes from the recording conditions.

-Why have you decided to self produce you? With a label, you might've had a bigger budget for everything, even if I have to admit I really like the 80's-styled cover and booklet's artwork the way they already are...
We have the chance to have some member of the band who know about the productions of music albums and a friend whose job is this, so we can have the freedom that a self production can give for all the choice that you can't do with a label.

-Is there a song you think more representative of your style?
I think that you must hear all the songs of the album to make your mind on the style that we play. All the songs we played tell a different story and the totality gives us a world vision.

-As stated in my review, some riffs are odd, joyful and not as wicked or brutal as some other ones; even the bass lines sound a little hard rock. Is it premeditated or just a case? I mean, is your songwriting funny amusing grind death as I like to call it cos you wanna sound different from most death-grind bands or is it in your DNA to come out like that?
In fact it's really not premeditated and it must've been in the DNA of AD! I think that we really enjoy to play together and to make this music that is not totally despair and without hope.Perhaps are we a little bit cynic towards the face of this world and we prefer to smile instead of crying.

-Do you have new songs? What do they sound like? When are you gonna release your next CD?
We are actually preparing a tour to play LIVE MURDERS live and after this I think we will prepare a new album.

-Will you keep having social lyrics?
For sure.We are sure we'll never miss new subjects.

-To be consistent with the CD title, who's your fave serial killer and why?
To be really clear with the CD title, we can begin with the American pharmacetic brands which kill 500.000 Africans per year. For example.

-What about your line-up? Has it remained the same through the years? And, are you friends also out of the rehearsal room? How often do you play a week?
Yes, we've been the same line up from the beginning. Every musician plays everyday at home and we play together once a week.Of course we are friends out of the rehearsal room.

-Have you received label offers after the release of "Live Murders"?
We have some contacts with 2 or 3 labels.

-Live dates, news, greetings, info: take all the place you need.
Many thanks for this quality interview. We have just made a gig with NAPALM DEATH and we have to put some photos on our site.


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