What suffering would man know if not for his own? Bizarre crossbreeds is a mere euphemism for this barrier-breaking musicians ...

Answers by the whole band after the recording of "Book One"





-1) First of all, for those who don't know you, could youmake a short sum of the band's history and releases? How many members are in Antique?
Antique started sometime in 2000 with just a handful of ideas. From there was a long, but quite relaxed, path to the album release in 2002. As this is mainly a studio project, and we (not all) relocated from Canada to Germany during this time, there isn't really a fixed set of members in the group. We are hoping the followup to "Book One" will include many more guest musicians.

2) Did you play in other bands before?
Some of the people contributing have played in a variety of bands, but nothing that anybody would know by name.

3) What are the differences with your demo, "Inception of Sorrow"?
The demo was really just the first collection of songs available in the form they were first done. The album has all four of these songs, plus four more, but they were rerecorded, then put in a nicer package.

4) Is there democracy in your songwriting or a leader, for ex. a keyboarder, who sees to the song structures and adds some advice from the other members?
No process, no goals, no strong direction. A lot of the work on writing is being done for Trostlos Records, if a song ever comes out that should be Antique, then it will be Antique, but sometimes Antique songs get put in the label's license roster rather than labelled as Antique. Of course, at this point, we aren't actively writing the next album, mainly just lots of practicing.

5) Can you explain to us the cover and the lyrics of the songs?
The cover? Fairly empty, with some writing you can't understand (this is our lead character's view on life). Inside the package are more unusual words and some simple artwork to reflect this same life. The lyrics are about an individual who's struggling to deal with himself and his life. "Book One" is primarily about this man trying to remain sane and deal with the pain in his life.

6) Your style isn't very popular. Is it a case you play this sort of music or a choice to differentiate Antique from most bands? And is your relocation in Germany due to this?
This music is an attempt to create what we want to hear. The styles can be heard in several other bands and projects, but for us we put together the story we wanted in the atmosphere we wanted. It's not so much trying to sound original as it is not afraid of being original (which really means not afraid of being extremely unusual, different, and possibly disliked or even hated). The relocation to Germany is unrelated to the project itself.

7) What about your live shows (Calendar, and what kind of show you set up)?
No live performances. If we can ever figure out how to get 17 people on a small stage then maybe we'll do a few shows... :) (17 is the approximate number of people that would be required to do the music live -- since we'd want no synth then -- since a show with 7 keyboardists wouldn't be very interesting)

8) Have you written new songs and how do they differ from the old ones?
Production is better.

9) What do you suggest a young band: to find a record deal, even if lousy at once, or wait and self-produce one's CD's until a decent offer as you 're doing at this time with your own label?
Learn how to do minimal production and buy a home studio -- get your computer friend involved and you can put together a minimal home studio for under $5000. This will allow you to produce a good quality demo, or to produce real albums (if somebody learns the production parts -- tracking/mixing/mastering).

10) Do you rehearse very often a week or not and why? (Job, distance...)
As you can probably guess from the previous answers, there is no real Antique practicing, but everybody involved (or who will be involved in the future) we hope is practicing.

11) Do you have any side projects?
With no touring and no permanent line-up, one would think that Antique *is* the side project. :)

12) Tell whatever you want I haven't asked you (Message, threat, info for your Italian fans...) Threat? Okay, if you don't buy our CD we're all going to come down from Germany and order nothing but macoroni and cheese using whatever Italian we could learn on the train ride there. No, I guess there is nothing else to say.