Houwitser - Rage Inside the Womb

( Osmose Prod. )


MARK: 95/100



I know what you careful readers are saying on the other side: "This guy is too generous with the bands, his marks are always high, so his reviews an't reliable; he's probably paid or forced to talk well about Osmose's bands, bla bla…" Well, let me tell you one thing. When I write for a 'zine I can't refuse to review everything they send me, but when I work for my website I just choose the most significant records I've appreciated most, for you guys don't have time to waste by listening about shitty releases, do ya?. And this 10-track CD is something really above the common run, I daresay the best means to start 2002, not only because of its brutishness, but also because it shows that the Dutch men have found an exceptional singer after Arian "Djortzzz"'s departure, who was already a good replacement for Mike. The band that was born from a Sinister's rib ( and what the malignant used to call a sort of project into which to dump rejected songs from them ) has already released a couple of 7" and 2 full-lengths, of which you can't miss "Embrace Damnation", but this time - first CD on for the French label - the 5-piece has gone beyond even the rosiest prospect o' mine. One gets it at once by looking at the cool cover and back-cover, and then by hearing the killer production at Excess Sudios's in Rotterdam, featuring unbelievable ultra crushing guitar work, very precise and full of variations, sick or coroner-based intros, granite drums, never boring, and seldom using inflationated double kick-drum parts. No lie, all in "Rage Inside the Womb" is at A-1 level, thus it's useless to cite one song instead of another, since there're no falling-offs and nothing's in a haphazard fashion. Probably Houwitser are the fittest European death metal band at the moment. BUY OR BE SLICED!