MARK: 80/100



The long awaited 2nd studioalbum of one of the most important Death/Grind Polish bands proves that this 5 year's period, full of split EP's/CD's and successful tours, has been used the most intelligent way; as a matter of fact the 4-piece hasn't forgotten how to rend asses as it used to do while writing 'Inperdition', though it has improved itself to the right direction by now displaying a catchier and more various songwriting.

It's plain to everyone they've been working hard on the riffs (like in the very grind 'I Wish You A Nice Evening ', or in the following schizo riff-oriented 'Futuristic Trial Of Mankind' ), and one can happily welcome the bulk of new guitar solos, better known as splinters of bursting shells. Most notable is the hallucinated part with tremendous basses and a lonesome guitar in 'Beyond Reincarnation'; I also need to stress out that Bayn's old grunts have been replaced by as many others as cool growls, and that skinbeater Sivy is now committed not only to the classic fast assaults, but sort of intricated ones, too.

Today's D. are more easily comprehensible, without losing an ounce of brutality of course, and they feel like more trying new solutions, for example in 'They Will Never Destroy the Mountains', they're surer of themselves, which can be noticed in the double vocals of 'Nothing Excuses' and 'Futuristic Trial of Mankind', and SHIT FUCKED GODDAMNED HELL BLOODY 'Damnable I' joyfully reminds me of 'Harmony Corruption' Napalm Death's riffs that made them popular. Give the Poles still some time and they're gonna be close to perfection, but meanwhile if you also bear in mind their wise lyrics, and the 3 live tracks on JPEG that the generous German label decided to include in the limited edition, you will rightly understand you can't be unprepared on their impending extensive European tour. For those who don't know'em, download MP3 on www.cudgel.de