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As to me, often. People's lies or arrogance piss me off everyday thousands of times. I could either take my revenge physically and risk consequences or let my rage out to those who deserved it by causing them tragedies and sorrow by hate thoughts spreading negative vibrations. I've learnt how to do it and I've become pretty good at it . Despite this apparently shocking or primitive approach to naives and hypocrites lies the truth: I have realized I'm hindered by the people who caused this feeling to spread like a metastasis and turned my existence to mere survival, so that's the mood I have to go through everyday and that's why music and the other arts are so important to forget all issues for some time. I'm sure music regenerates many others the same way I feel and those who love music and art in general are better than shallow people. The latter are capable of anything at its worst, I know by experience. Face it, there are people better than others. Why do they keep saying we're all the same? I am better than paedophiles, terrorists, hit-and-runners and several other categories.
Life was originally delightful, then most of mankind, stupid, selfish and bestial, ruined it forever. Think of the people who hurt, killed or somehow harmed you, your families or somebody you love. Wouldn't you kill or torture someone who raped, ran over or killed your daughter or another of your family or friend and is out of jail after 2 years like in Italy? Most Italians are worth being face-shot fire missiles just for being pure assholes in countless ways and that's why Italy has progressively turned to a small and meaningless place in the world today unlike the Roman Empire. Corruption, slowness, disorganization, incapacity, arrogance, laziness, useless strikes, plain injustices, negligence, oppressive bureaucracy, excess of laws and taxation to the unprivileged, have never brought anyone far and the third world massive injection is just aggravating the issue.
Some races are born to be a burden on the rest, some races stink like shit, many people think they're smarter and have the right to swindle you, manipulate you, exploit you, impose their will onto you. Some act as though they were alone at all. 99% people are wicked, arrogant, idiotic, false and parasitic; some abuse their power or situations to get it scot-free (but they don't know it won't be like this forever). In a nutshell they don't have a soul. Only a few newborns are innocent and good. Accept the truth.
That's why death penalty, euthanasia and torture are in some specific clear circumstances necessary and should be adopted by more countries as a sign of civilty and strength of a nation, determined to apply maximum penalty?
Border protection, economic protection, sub-humans rejection, sterilization, segregation and suppression are obvious solutions for a start then a cultural radical change will have to be spurred.

Now most of you are just a product/puppet born to be manipulated within the capitalistic/pseudo-Christian/Jew/muslim/mafia circles. I see too many work their ass out against their fucking destiny in vain, desperate on the streets, suffer everyday, get ill, then die...unless radical cultural changes. Why? Because many don't have time or will to think about topics concerning even their own lives! Do we have enough time to see changes realized? Do we have enough time before the world's governments' and religions' demise?
If you're a middle-aged person and you've never cared about these questions, you're either one of good mankind's enemies or highly stupid and shallow; this means your lives are meaningless and empty and that you deserve to die as every leech. Solutions? For the young: wake up! Knowledge is hard and painful, but you'll never be happy and conscious of your lives if you don't go through this process. For the old: you've wasted your lives and you simply deserve extinction. Better education and a new mentality replacing what's wrong in the old and in the new for all is the only way out. It is not too late to save oneself if you start behaving like intelligent adult people. The real (ugly) hell is here on earth; natural disasters, epidemics, top hatred among nations, fornications, quarrels, swindles, fights to possess something or for religious creeds...
I also feel the need to express in plain English my deep support to death penalty, torture, euthanasia in some clear specific circumstances. Revenge IS justice, maximum penalty is necessary on some occasions, and it can make life more acceptable and logical, believe me! I can't punish and avenge all, but there comes a time for law transgressors to pay. My conscience is clean as I have decided to turn to these laws and see peace back in my life.
Unfortunately this ideology is exclusively and wholly put into practice in the USA, Guantanamo and some other countries, and, again, with mistakes and flaws. like I stated above I'm able to jinx my enemies and the process comes so natural that sometimes I have to brake on that, because it drains me of so many energies; although the imagery around this topic is cool and many often mistake me for a Satanist, I am not a Crowleyan Satanist, rather a Nietzscheian philosopher, cos I believe in free will or 'do what thou wilt', respecting only those I like who do the same to me and don't lack cynicism to those deserving it. I just feel as a free thinker and a very patient, respectful, honest and open-minded guy with a propriocentric vision. I am also sure that people and races are not and never will be the same; DNA has vital importance. You don't believe me? Then think about the real mechanisms of evolution, think about the diversification of drugs (medicines) to people from different races due to their diverse blood and metabolism types, keep in mind that some diseases are spread mostly within one race, think WHY a 3-year-old is able to solve the Rubrik cube in a couple of minutes while another co-aged isn't even able to wipe his/her mouth! I have come to the conclusion there is no place like hell as we're taught by most religions; it is here on earth. There's no funny hell or Satansville, simply a world becoming more and more cluttered by mad, retarded, deceitful, boring, stinking sub-humans where the good ones become part of an ever-smaller minority on the way to extinction. Italy is a good example to that.

(Ready-to-fight digisnap shot somewhere in Bologna suburbs by Diego - 25 March, 2002)

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Comments/thank list (in no particular order):
"Here you find some of my best latest inties and reviews + bucket loads of useful info; I feel they do fuck shit up...Enjoy the cool answers and exclusive crystal-clear pictures.
Respect to Samuele for being an amazing hardware and software technician ever and a great person and friend. Anna Gabrielli (webmaster), Sandro and Simone from Radio Sata for audio/video advice.
Giampaolo for legal support, anyone else who has truly helped me without expecting anything in return, associations protecting and helping some animals, some kinds of weak, addicted or sick people, etc.
Awesome thanks to web wizard Diego for technical support, the very few true friends, esp.Fabio & Diego from ex-Sigma Draconis/ex-Nocturnal Brights productions, Jennie Lundgren and family from Sweden, James II and family from Seattle.
Of course biggest thanks go to my mother: I know I am not the easiest son to deal with and I will always be grateful for supporting me financially when the State aid had missed for years; a big thank-you for all the rest delivered with endless patience. Due to this shit country without them I would long have been flesh for worms and insects, a homeless in a car, or crazy and sick.
As to the others, if you're not in this list, you probably don't deserve it.
This ezine is also dedicated to my father and my grandmother (both RIP, gone but never forgotten; your souls are always at one with me yet I still miss you) for your real love, patience, lessons in life and for being my guardian angels when I was close to death and suicide. One day I'll meet you again somehow somewhere. Better and sooner off this unfair, disgusting, absurd and cruel world.


Markus strongly supports the following countries for being the best as to worldwide average life quality, education, laws, environment care, wonderful landscapes, healthy places and esp. for giving us sweet, cool, fine, sexy girlz and women: Finland (the country with the highest percentage of lakes and blondes per inhabitant in the world, and then saunas, the best shags ever had, deep-throat blowjobs from my ex raunchy dirty girl's pierced tongue and golden mouth, mmh), what sweet memories, ooh,..), Sweden (for 1000s+ of women looking like angels such as Malin Akerman, for making my dream of having sex with a young mommy without paying come true, even if lolitas will always be my favoured preys), Norway (you inhabitants are clean, rich, cheerful, protect your paradise nation but stop hunting whales! The Japs and the Icelanders have already done enough), Denmark (really a lucky place, cheerz to Konkhra's Lundemark, see ya again at ex-Tex's, now the Rock), Iceland, Holland (free soft drugs, (children's) euthanasia and some other rightful laws...), Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Austria (really a little Norway without a sea), Canada (like Alaska you have great landscapes and parks; the only shame are the deadly batterings of harmless baby-seals, pooh, when will you and Japan ever learn?)
Then, much less developed but still full of cool spots and hot nice chicks we have
Poland (thanx to Alexandra & Eva for the erotic gloomy pics we took each other at the cemetary and the double petting at the disco), Czech Rep. (who said Eva Herzigova and the thousands of girls similar to her type?, now old but once cute; same as Nicole Kidman, Claudia Schiffer, etc. till they were 35 or before their surgery operations, or young tasty chicks such as Victoria Silvstedt, Maria Sharapova, Natasha Stefanenko, Julia Smith when they were young, just to name popular actresses to give examples of my beauty canons), Hungary (for giving Italy Eva Henger and tons of other superb pornstars as good as popular foreign pros like Sylvia Saint, Jill Kelly, Jenna Jameson, Brittany Andrews, Briana Banks, Janet North, Polly Shannon, Jessica Jammer, Alison Angel, Melissa Milano, Mia Stone, or Katja Kean); without forgetting 'Nikita 'TV series 's Peta Wilson, beer Peroni's Danish image girl, perfume Tommy Girl's blond model, and plenty of top models and classical US actresses like Amber Heard, Diane Kruger, Keri Russell, Susan Ward, Erin Moriarty, Lori Singer, Natasha Henstridge, Kirsten Dunst, Alicia Silverstone, Naomi Watts, Monica Potter, Rebecca De Mornay, Sara Underwood, Sienna Miller, Sophia Bush, Clare Grant, Blake Lively, Amy Smart, Taylor Cole, or Lindsey Vonn as to sportswomen just to name the first randomly popped on my mind from the USA, Tiera Skovbye from Canada, or Diane Kruger from Germany, but of course there are 1000's more), Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, and most of all Russia (Up with true blondes or red-haired ones like Natalya Rudakova, with long thin legs, sexy blue/green eyes, intense look, groovy young fresh faces with high foreheads you never get tired of, perfect bodies, white velvet skin and graceful hands, my playful tool in the engine room bows to you...expecting a lot of oral lessons; and if she's Helen Berkova, or a MILF like Yulia Timoshenko, she's good enough to me too!), full of charming but often bugging childish girls.
Of course there are pretty girls in other countries, too, even if less often due to mongrelization, for example, the UK (Kitty Spencer), Bulgaria (Nina Dobrev), USA (Amber Heard),
How about Italy? Not much besides good food, red wine, few high mountain landscapes almost virgin, and bidets. Not enough, isn't it? (Copyright - 2009)

Appreciations to: thousands of cool bands and artists in metal, rock, and other fine styles, old and new that've made my days a bit lighter to live, amazing pro and amateur hard-core performers, artists in painting, sculpture, cinema, etc., all the inventors, Nobel prizes and people who've improved life quality till nowadays through the millennia, sex and all the girls who feel dirty or generous in bed, booze, true love of any kind, friendship and strong feelings in general, all those who work on theirselves to know themselves, or improve this world somehow; respect for folks fighting for their ideals, ideas, people with good intentions even if we may have diverse points of view...
Rightful (did he really say that? Yes cos I understand their feelings and what triggered them!) serial killers : spree murderer Baruch Goldstein, maths and society genius, technology arch-enemy University and Airlines Bomber Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber).
Favourite leader: Slobodan Milosevic. A never forgotten benefactor of humanity. Every serious country needs a good national beer and a martyr like him. Ratko Mladic, Geert Wilders, Moshè Feiglin and Tom Metzger are of course precious smart people, too.
Rightful torturers: Lynndie England, Charles Graner, Sgt. Ivan Frederick, Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez. And also Calvin Gibbs, Jeremy Morlock, Michael Wagon, Adam Winfield, Andrew Holmes.
The very few heroes left still owning pride, wisdom and some mental sanity against the world's browning and worsening, that are in the following associations: American Front, Aryan Nations, Storm Front, World Church of the Creator, and so forth.
Rightful massmurderer: Anders Behring Breivik.
Other good people: Eugene Terreblanche, Richard Millet (editor understanding Breivik's view),

Shitlist : stupid laws/managers, gypsies, false Humans, barely humans closer to Neanderthals or other beings not fully aesthetically, physically, and/or mentally developed, that is 80% of beings walking on this dying world, main institutions (gov'ts, churches, low quality - services/bodies, mentality...), the Vatican (see Exhorder) and other people working for the ruin of the world in the name of charity and multiculturalism, boring fanatics without imagination, esp. Islamics; paedophiles, all the other stupid useless harmful world's suckers (including dull, narrow minded, parasitic, retarded people of every age, overbearing uneducated people, bad drivers with cell phones or crap in their brains, esp. truck drivers; real estate agncies, lawyers, moralists, swindlers, rip-offs, police active to give fines and passive to intervene in my help, censorship, people who judge by the look or don't listen carefully, people who damage and then run away, girls who don't give blowjobs, EURO, the EU and the UN for hindering me and not granting my rights, advertisement, trendy people, shallow people judging others by their look, burocracy, capitalism, politics and religions); tonnes of hellish puke onto you, you ugly stupid hypocrites! Desperation, chaos, anarchy and vicious destruction are growin' near you... Last but not least, remember that all the money you earn by fuckin' good people like us will be spent to ease your future uncurable sicknesses and your families' till the 1000th generation. JUSTICE=REVENGE shall be done! It is not something I have decided, they are rules dictated long before the days of Noah we're living again, the days of great tribulation, so if you don't repent, you'll pay for what you have defiled and the lack of respect perpetrated.

Final message: nothwithstanding all the crap I've been through, I'm growing resilient, wiser and more pissed off everyday

Executive and artistic editor/president:

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