Zeitgeist DVD

Director: 'Peter Joseph'
(released on DVD in 2007)

Language: English

MARK: 100/100


A not excessively known independent director has released an ultimate shockumentary that worthily won the "Artivist Film Festival 2007" in Hollywood, CA in order to wake us up to reality.
Supplying us with detailed unbiassed information, references, witnesses and comparisons, the documentary shows the truth behind the curtain of the origins of Christianity, 9/11 and 7/7, the two world wars, the Vietnam war, and so on. The plan orchestrated to start wars, spread fear through inside jobs, manipulate governments, cause inland attacks and credit crunches at their own will, and deliver profits to an elite of bankers uncaring about us and our families, is here. Concising Michael Moore and David Icke, the concept is clear. If we wanna stop the new world order, anticipated by the Amero and the North American Alliance (similar to the EU, the African Alliance and the impending Asian superstate) towards a world with one currency, one government, one meganation and every citizen voluntarily asking for RFID microchips for their own 'safety' after being brainwashed by the tube about the terror, we can only follow what Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and others who ended very badly suggested: start a revolution putting love first instead of power. Then, and only then, their plan will fall like a house of cards.
The change has to be generalized and not on a personal level, or it won't be enough. We'll see who will win in the next decade, but if the info is spread by word of mouth like I'm doing to you, there is still a possibility of not being doomed. I know the level of education has lowered increasantly and this was an intentional imposition wanted by the people in power: low education level, less books read, less indepent sources to know uncontrolled, unrated news so as to divide and conquer more easily. It's nothing new, but it becomes more and more sophisticated and deep. Many don't find the time to read a book, well, then will you at least download this film, including more footage and data you could ever find selecting the best essays, newspapers, documentaries, for your own sake? God damn it!


Official site: http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/