(Rigorism Production on CDr)

MARK: 85/100


Blacker than pitch is the second full-length from the Russian one-man-band, defining himself Ambient/Black metal. Despite the unreadable Death metal-like logo, the music offered here actually is Ambient on some tracks, while the Black metal aspects reside in some riffs and maybe some blastbeats, yet most of this instrumental record is atmospheric, sometimes infernal, lavic and sometimes just melodic Metal.
The sombre recording, based on 2 dissonant guitars and a low-mixed drum machine, makes the tracks
a real horror which can satisfy both Vinterriket and Blut Aus Nord fans.
One of the guitars deals with the harmonics and the effect used is probably - and quite originally - Quadraphase, which gives a very early-90s feeling, unintentionally similar to Nuclear Death's "Carrion for Worm". The solutions found by Monork are usually excellent, yet this kind of low-fi recording barely showing the bass on a couple of occasions, the sounds utilized and the staticity of the tracks get this album into the category of elitaire records usually acclaimed by very few critics and fans. Still, the quality and the talent are high, considering the musician's young age, you just have to pay deep attention to the compositions and after three listens you'll feel them grow considerably.
This is Ambient. This is Metal. This is a sheer descent into the realms of the underworld.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th October 2011

Current line-up:
Monork - all instruments (also in Trou Noir)

Moscow - Russia

-Dark Procession (CD - 2010)
-Secrecy (CD - 2010)
-Hymn to Oppressive Void (CD - 2010)
-Demo II (Demo - 2010)
-Black Fog (EP - 2010)
-Demo (Demo - 2010)
-Xerbittert/Taarma (Split 2011)