(Rising Works)

MARK: 87/100


What we're dealing with is the anticipation in the form of a MCD of the impending album "Follow Me" by the superband composed by Frank Andiver (drums & keyboards in Shadows of Steel, Oracle Sun and formerly in Labyrinth), Andrea "Tower" Torricini (Vision Divine's bassist), Alexx Hall (experienced pop-rock singer) and Vic Mazzoni (Shadows of Steel's and Projecto's guitarist).

These 4 tracks tell about a killer in prison who keeps fancying about his concept of freedom, that is 'Wonderland'; the title track and "The Call of the Dawn" consist of very catchy tuneful speed power with a few rides and axe solos, while "Follow the End" is an electro-pop lullaby that'll help your old-fashioned girlfriends to be debauched into metal world. The end is given by "Children of Heaven", a Sword's cover version. The only piece of advice I like to give the singer is to try to sing as natural as possible without showing the restraints of the metrics too much, as to the rest I haven't found plain faults.

After the fairly good 1998 EP "Somewhere in My Eyes", the 4-piece has created a product able to cope with foreign competition at last; and I'm convinced it will achieve a big success not only here and in Japan, thanks to the quality of the top-notch songwriting and the recording at the Zenith Studios, the mixing at the Octagonal Paris Recording and the mastering at the Finnvox Studios in Helsinki.
Wonderland: when Italian metal is not only 'tralala' metal...