Vomit the Soul

'Human Insanity'

(Self released)

MARK: 87/100


Definitely there's no better manner to start a career than with a CD in which all of the songs are all of high quality and the recording - by Nefas's skinbeater Tom Pagotto - doesn't harm any instrument. These newcomers play a sort of modern death metal, influenced especially by Lividity as for some vocals and patterns (listen to "Destroy Your Planet", also including stunning breaks in the vein of Deeds of Flesh); here the times are not constantly fast or tight, on the contrary you'll meet a final slowdown alà Incantation. Drummer Ycio's parts stand out and catch my attention during the whole title track, which proves to be the best song composed by Vomit the Soul, while a song whose lyrics will arouse the maniac fans of Cannibal Ferox and the scat lovers like me is the closer "Coproanthropophagy".
What solaces me is the fact that the metal played here is not the typical Italian mentality-based music that is unfortunately too often played with a little distorted and heavy sounds, but that is NOT metal at all. That's why I feel I have to recommend you give a listen to this urticant 4-track MCD up to older fellow ear molesters like Nefas, Bastard Saints, Awful, Corpsefucking Art and the likes.

Contacts: http://run.to/vomitthesoul