4-Track Promo-CD

(Self released)

MARK: 92/100



Recently based in Wilmington, North Carolina, 4-piece Vee seem to own all the necessary qualities and know every rule, or better said, characteristic, that a band aspiring after becoming the next big thing needs.

In a nutshell they could easily be defined as a classy (southern) American AOR/pop band, but let me also stress out their fragrant really well-done songwriting, matched with a powerful rhythmic section.

If you're looking for great catchy vocals and back-up vocals, then the opener "Moving on" will satisfy your demands in full, while if you prefer to be charmed by Veronica's sexy vocal timber, well, you'll be consuming the 2nd track , "1,000 Horses". Without forgetting the romantic melodies contained in "Shelter", opened by soft keyboards, featuring memorable lyrics every male'd love to hear from their girlfriends or wives.

As far as I'm concerned, I prefer "I Forget" deadly, probably since it proves to be the most roaring of the 4, gifted with effective stop 'n' goes and a short, tho heartfelt guitar solo.

Considering that we're in front of a band born in Sep. 2001only, and this is a self-financed release, it's correct to assess the sound as professional enough, even if never wicked or cutting; maybe on the occasion of their official debut, some 'scratches' more would reveal themselves as the icy on the cake, owing to their strong attraction potential of most of the rock fans, even if I'm convinced that the main entrance of UK's and USA's specialized charts is already open for Vee. We just have to hope they won't soften by selling their souls and getting boring retarded popstars one day!
Meanwhile it's the proper case to say: "God Bless America!".