Promo 2003

(Self released)


MARK: 80/100


Necroabyssious sent me this 3-tk promo which I immediately sympathized for; the first song is a sort of death thrash with keyboards interventions and a central melodic part gifted with whispered male voices.

The 2nd is an instrumental reminding a bit of Apocalyptica as to the double basses, though used in a less angry and sadder manner. The 3rd is a metal mid tempo including a few oriental patches and sounds.

The songs sound original enough and feature some memorable riffs, the recording is good but the drum machine has too artificial sounds (esp. the charleston), and even if 3 songs are not many to give an assessment, I dare to say that if the whole CD is on the same lines, it'll be a huge surprise to the whole metal world.


PO Box 1265
451 10 Ioannina - Greece