'Indefinite Soul-Extension'

(Code 666 records)


MARK: 93/100



After 2 Cds released by Singapore's Pulverised, which weren't noticed by the big public, Unmoored seem to have made the best decision by signing a deal with Code 666, allowing them a good promotion and a good distribution through SPV in Germany and Necropolis in the USA; the 3 musicians from Skövde (Sweden) are aware to have a high quality third CD under every aspect in their hands, especially as to the songwriting, which is in the end the most important and the most difficult thing to achieve.

"Unspeakable Grief" opens with a Swedish death structure on which some gloomy synthetized sounds are added; the viking metal chorus can't be forgotten and neither can the 2 thundering guitar solos preceding a crushing riff; the end goes back to the beginning acceleration like in all their songs, keeping a very regular form through all of their length.
After the first riff, you won't resist the temptation of waving your neck on the notes of a remarkable break, followed by bell tolls, and rain, the latter continuing with the second Swedish break as well; then the matchless trademarked viking metal vocals add a quid to "Commit to the Fire" which undoubtely turns out to be a song above the average.
A brief guitar tapping before an onslaught is the premise to "Leave-taking", fast making way for another melodic passage, a classy lick and axe solo; these guys really know how to play and they like the vicious way, what more do you want? Soon arrives an original thrash metal riff on which a second guitar is overdubbed yet playing a different riff, and then...a violin solo! So fun to listen also when the break becomes angelic and triumphal.
On the other hand, "Phase of Revulsion" starts violent at once, deignly enriched by a dark voice and involving drumwork that literally teach to build a great song; then a short keyboards intervention and another up-in-your-face attack; as if it weren't enough, there're also death, black and viking vocals used before a granitic mid-tempo riff alternates with Vintersorg-like vocals. Maybe that's why this is my favourite track!
Just an inch inferior is "Morndraper", the classic violent grind and death composition, whereas "Cinders Veil" is another masterpiece; this one is based on contrasts between viking and Swedish death parts and riffs one better than the other; after a guitar solo, a recitative voice claims William Blake's lyrics excerpted from a 1890 poem before repeating the initial portion and close with a guitar solo fading and falling like an endless cascade.
"Spit Forth from Failure" begins like the opener and this is the only spot on this work; I believe it's a shame they've chosen the same synthetized effect, but the rest is top-notch Swedish death-thrash one more time including a neck-breaking time change and another drawing riff; you've realized their songs are geometrical yet never too elaborated, and that's why the skillful 3-piece adds a blast and a few whispered vocals leading to the first strophe repeated, while the riff is looping and the song gradually loses its high frequencies.
Finally, a tranquil arpeggio, on which the electric axe twins the riff: it's the beginning of "Final State Part III (posthumous writings)", gifted with polyinstrumentalist and leader Christian Älvestam's clean vocals once again; not later a guitar solo on the fashion of Dream Theater makes a good impression before the end.

If you're looking for a clone of In Flames, hit the road, but if you like the style of, say, Edge of Sanity, Dimmu Borgir, and melodic metal, then buy this CD without fear. To emphasize the great recording and mixing by Tommy Tätgren at the Abyss studios, the effective mastering at the Criteria mastering house, and last but not least, the painting-styled artwork, a visual jewel to an already superb 8-track which skims perfection. Go on like this fellows, you're among the few who keep the flag of technical and original Swedish death metal high!


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