Unhallowed zine
Answers by editor George Pacheco


1)First of all, tell us how things with The Accursed are. What are the novelties? METALGEORGE: Hailz brother man! Thanks a lot for this interview! Eeh...things are progressing slowly. We're really busy writing some new songs, sending out copies of our debut demo "Straight From Hell", and trying to get more and more gigs under our belt. Novelties? Well, I guess there's always the given "perks" of being in a band: playing and writing music you love, rocking out on stage and seeing different places, engaging in debauchery with groupies..hee hee, you know, the usual!

2)Why and when did you start the Unhallowed webzine?
MG: Unhallowed began about 5 years ago. To clarify, it's mainly a print zine. The website, www.unhallowed.net, is recent, and more of a side addition to it. Anyways, I'd been a die hard metal fan for a while, and immersing myself in the world of the underground and zines. I loved 'em and couldn't get enough! I pretty much thought to myself, "I want to do this, I want to be a part of this". I have always been very opinionated, and felt I could create a zine that offer something to the underground, an which did it's best to support it. I pretty much living my dream right now by doing this, so I really couldn't be any happier!

3) Were you alone in the beginning?
MG: Yeah, and pretty much Unhallowed IS me! Only very recently have I enlisted the services of a couple of friends to help with reviews, as I simply receive too much to cover it all myself(not that I'm complaining, ha ha!). It's also good to have people with differing musical tastes giving their opinion. Besides that, and the help I receive from my webmaster and cover artist, all the writing and layout is pretty much done by me.

4)Why this monicker?
MG: I wanted something which wasn't derivitive of one particular genre, and more representative of extreme metal and culture in general. It's also representative of my intense distaste for organized religion, as well as inspiration from the mighty Dissection!

5)Did you work or collaborate for other zines before?
MG: I do freelance work now(I have plenty of extra interviews available for interested parties...get in touch!), but prior to Unhallowed I had never written for a zine before. Writing has always been a hobby for me, so I knew it was something I could and wanted to do. I'm honored to have collaborated with all these great zines , including the mighty Imhotep(Nor), Canadian Assault(US), Leather n' Spikes(Can), and From Beyond(Nor)....hailz to you!!

6)How do you feel you've progressed from the first issue to your more recent ones?
MG: I think Unhallowed has progressed a little bit each issue. Not too much, but just enough. The writing I've always been happy with, it's the layout I feel I needed work on. Issue 1, looking back, was very shoddily done. I had no idea how to layout a zine, I had asked advice from some other zine editors like Chris Forbes and the guys over at Promethean Crusade zine(RIP?), and that gave me a game plan. I'll admit that issue 1, though I feel it was the best I could do at the time, pretty much looks like ass. Good for a debut, though. Issue 2 saw the layout progressing a little bit, but still very simplisistic. Issue 3 I was very happy with. Still simple, but getting there as far as what I wanted it to look like went(bands interviewed finally listed on the cover!!). Finally, issue 4 I think has the best layout Unhallowed has ever seen(though that's still not saying much, ha!), though I feel a lot of the material was a little bit dated by the time it came out(Soilwork, for example, who already were releasing another album by the the intie for their previous one came out!). Ehh, either way I can say I'm happy with the progression thus far, especially with the artwork. Andrew and I have worked together since the debut, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Andrew's artwork I feel gives Unhallowed it's identity.

7)What are some of your favorite interviews and why?
MG: Damn, there are soooo many! Here's a few: IMPALED NAZARENE: great because of the fact that it was done in person with a very drunk Mika, mere moments after I had received their album! I hadn't even been able to listen to it, yet it turned out great! Many tell me this is their favorite! DECEASED: simply because King Fowley is the man, and we always talk for hours and hours about METAL! By afr my favorite person to interview, and one whom I'm most comfortable. I'm proud to call him a friend. DARKTHRONE: I was honored and nervous as hell, but once we got going(after Nocturno Culto woke me up from a sound sleep, ouch!), Nocturno Culto was cool enough to grant me one of Unhallowed's best interviews ever! A very rad guy. BLIND GUARDIAN: Hansi rules, and it was my utter pleasure to talk with him! There are so many more too, like Destruction, Sinergy(I think I fell in love the moment I heard her voice, ha ha!), Iced Earth, Kreator, Mortiis(hilarious interview!), Sigh(both via phone and in person during their US tour!), and so many more!! I appreciate them all!

8) Is there anyone you'd like to interview that you haven't had the chance to yet?
MG: Yes, there are a few. I'd love to speak with Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedys, Cradle of Filth, Sonata Arctica, Entwine, King Diamond, Helloween, Evergrey, Anthrax, Motorhead....and tons more! Hopefully I will someday!

9) Do you have a common writing style, or do you try to make all your interviews and reviews different so as to keep them interesting a long time?
MG: I think everyone has a sort of style that they fall into. The key is to keep learning and progressing, in order to add to and develop your style. I feel I'm doing that, and I try to make each interview and review as interesting, informative, and entertaining as possible, without repeating myself too badly, ha!

10) What makes your zine differ from the others of today?
MG: Hmmm..I think maybe the length and quality of the interviews. I do a lot of preparation before each interview, and I try to get as in depth as possible, so as to provide as much information and entertainment for the reader as possible. No one page interviews here! Besides that, I just try to set forth an uncyncial, yet totally honest perspective on the underground for by a fan of the music for fans of the music!

11) Are reviews better if one plays in a band like you, or doesn't it make any difference at all?
MG: No, it doesn't matter at all. I have an open mind, and a wide range of tastes when it comes to music. As long as it's good music, it'll get a good review. Let me clarify: if *I* feel it's good, I'll say so, regardless of genre. I enjoy a wide variety of metal, and I feel it all deserve coverage!

12) How is the scene in your country, esp Massachusetts, if I'm not wrong? Is there a majority of extreme bands, or is it pretty balanced?
MG: With regards to Massachusetts, it's been pretty strong lately. Though there is a lot of hardcore/metalcore here, we have an annual metal/hardcore fest which has drawn increasing exposure and attention. It attempts to unite the two scenes, with varying degrees of success. We have a lot of melodic death metal and thrash here, as well as metalcore/hardcore, and "tough guy" nu metal to deal with. Taking the good with the bad, I guess...Best bands: Beyond the Embrace, Vital Remains, and us(in my humble opinion). Worst bands: ShadowsFall and All That Remains. As far as the US in general...ehh, I can take it or leave it sometimes. While we have a great Black Metal scene with bands like Thornspawn, Bloodstorm, Krieg, Black Witchery, and more, as well as old metal stalwarts like Deceased, Abscess, Usurper, Nunslaughter, Cianide, and more, the US seem to still be stuck in the early 90s "brootal" death metal shit like Mortician, Deeds of Flesh, "Suffo", Diabolic, new Morbid Angel and other crap. Even newer bands like Nile tend to bore this shit out of me. I'll admit tried to be opening minded at first, I just came to the realization that most of the time I enjoy simpler music the best, i.e Hellhammer of Cynic any day of the week! Europe is where it's at in my opinion. People seem to remember real metal over there, and treat it with respect.

13)What are your plans to make your e-zine more popular? Have you planned special features or articles?
MG: Well, though the print version is my main priority, in regard to the site I just plan on putting in some prompt and exclusive reviews, interviews, and pics, and more...maybe an article or two, but this comes second behind info for the fans.

14) What are the most interesting records released in 2002?
MG: Ah man, your killing me! There are SO many, but here's some that are kicking my ass...Beyond the Embrace-"Against the Elements", Entwine-everything, Blind Guardian-"A Night at the Opera", Dark Tranquility-"Damage Done", Sonata Arctica-everything, Evergrey-everything, Sentenced-"The Cold White Light", Manowar-"Warrriors of the World", Jimmy Eat World-"Bleed American", Engorged"S/T", H.I.M.-everything, Abscess-"Through the Cracks of Death", and so much more!

15) Is it easy to find someone paying for showing a banner or a cookie in your zine, or is it like here in Italy, where unless you show some porn banner or cookie, you don't get any money and it remains only a hobby, cuz you cant live with the zine only?
MG: Yes, it's very hard to get ad interest, and even more so to get paid for them! Add that to the fact that I don't really pursue ads/payment(too many ads=less room for METAL!), and that leaves me one very broke zine editor, ha! )(we are in 2 men, Note of Markus G.)

16) If somebody wished to start a magazine or webzine, what initial pieces of advice would you reccomend them?
MG: Well, there'sa lot: 1)start small, don't print more than a thousand copies 2)ask for advice from established zine editors 3)review albums from your own collection at first, don't expect promos right away 4)expect to lose money, time, and sleep! 5)interview local bands or bands you know, or maybe ask if you can do some freelance work for other zines to get your feet wet in the business!
17)Which do you prefer and why, a paper zine or webzine?
mg: No offense, but I prefer a print zine by far. There's just nothing like the feeling of the blood, sweat, and tears put into a print zine. You know the editor probably went into debt to release this labor of love(as I am!), and is doing it for pure love of the music and the underground(hopefully). Webzines have the edge of being up to date, but lack that personal touch where you feel you know and grow with the editor each issue, especially with the old school cut and paste styles! (I agree with U once again, note of Markus G.)

18)What's the best and worst things about doing a zine?
MG: Best--getting to hear and discover great new music, talking to my idols and favorite bands, and being a part of this wonderful underground, and meeting all my amazing and trusted metalfriends and contacts!
Worst--Not having time and money enough to release it as often as I'd like, and just overall being broke and not getting paid for ads. Honestly, though, there's not much I don't love about doing a zine, even the stuff most other editors are jaded and cynical about. It's my love, passion, and dream. It flows through my veins, and I wouldn't rather being doing anything else!
I'm never happier than when I'm working on the zine!

19) George, as you've been so kind to answer us, I'll leave ya all the place you need for a final greeting/message/threat/promise/reccomendation/bit of news.
MG: Whew! A long and interesting interview, brother! Sorry if my answers were a bit shorter than usual...I'm BEYOND swamped with work right now releasing the new issue! Speaking of which, I won't waste too much of your space here, but issue 5 of Unhallowed Magazine is due out this Fall/Winter! Interviews include Blind Guardian, Manowar, Sinergy, Sentenced, Dark Tranquility, Mortiis, Season Decay zine, Black Death Distribution, and Elysium, plus reviews, contacts and more! Issues 1, 2, and 4 still availible! Just send some stamps or $2 USD/world(cash, MO, or check made out to "George Pacheco") to cover postage to: Unhallowed Magazine c/o George Pacheco 53 Rogers St Dartmouth MA 02748-2806 USA
Email: metalgeorge666@hotmail.com Website: http://www.unhallowed.net http://www.angelfire.com/nb/accursed
Everyone get in touch! Bands(unsigned are welcome!), labels, zines, fans...everyone is encouraged, whether it be to send promos, inquire about advertising, writing contributions, trades, etc! THANK YOU again for this kick ass interview, my friend! Best of luck with the site, and take care!---TOTAL WAR!!! METALGEORGE