Unhallowed zine #1,2,4
by George Pacheco, aka Accursed's Metalgeorge

(self released and published)


MARK: 95/100


When receiving so richly detailed and experienced a zine like this, I feel that as if it's true that metal will never die, it's also true that some aspects of metal will never die someway; I mean, there are still excellent fascinating paper fanzines nowadays, tape labels, tape buyers, REALLY anti-trendy people spread in the world, and I think they're not a dying breed. Am I foolish? No way! Just think about radio: has it been erased by TV or these days Internet? No, there'll always be a small, tho faithful public for this means, beside the mainstream herd; you just have more means, but one doesn't exclude the other, get me? The same happens, I surmise, to paper zines, demos, and a certain kind of culture, where magic attraction, feelings of watching and owning them are more important than the fact their quality is inferior or not fashionable any longer. The case of vynils is the most significant one. Some jagoffs even think they don't print them anymore, nevertheless there are several labels still releasing only vynils.

I'm not the kind of person licking boots, it's just that people like George or some others (me included some say, thanx men) really play an important role in the metal scene and obtain all of my respect. Why?
a) The interviews he conducts are lively and intelligent, therefore the answers are interesting and not run of the mill.
b) His reviews are honest and ALWAYS make you understand what record they've in their hands.
c) He shows (like we do as well) a hell of contacts and info he's picked up in a long time and by hard labor. I don't really know how many records, albums or tapes he may have been listening to, zines read, etc., sure as bloody fuck many more than the ones that my fucking small flat can contain (damn! U don't know how much I envy U, George! Why do I never win the lottery? By the way, if I won the lottery I swear that the day of my resigning I'd go to the boss's office and some colleagues' desks one hour after drinking gigantic quantities of a strong laxative and leave'em a memory of what they really deserve, haha!).

From issue #1 to 2, you have a big improvement in the layout, order and clearness, and of course #4 is still a step higher, adding more reviews of shows, zines, demos, sorta underground CD's, etc., exactly a zine of this type gotta be, and not only in words.

As a matter of fact I found lotsa in the groove and useful inties - I actually devoured them in a night - such as with Eternal Darkness Creations tapes, Deceased, Impaled Nazarene, Darkthrone, Leather 'n' Spikes zine and Fog.

There're so much desire to invest his time in metal, constancy, seriousness and passion in what George does that not only does metal flow in his veins, but I too wouldn't be surprised if he also shat turds of metal!
Yeah, you start mastering a zine, and slowly the zine gets to master you. But who doesn't wish all masters and addictions to be like that?

I also talked with him and I can tell you he's a very kind, humble, professional and reliable person; maybe it's too much to call him a hero, but do allow me the term 'white fly' at least!. To order your copy of Unhallowed is the wisest thing you could do for a long time up to today.



Editor George Pacheco
53 Rogers St.
South Dartmouth, MA 02748 USA
E-mail: metalgeorge666@hotmail.com