Uncle Fucker
'Usurpers of the Tradition'

(Self produced multimedia CD)


MARK: 90/100


The world's first Bluegrass Thrash Metal Punk band begins with a satisfactory CD under every aspect, crazy and giving fun galore.
"Ole Slew Foot" mixes the 3 styles excellently, while "Rocky Top" needs to be remembered because of its great refrain. A woman sings in the punk "Y'All Come"; how much I liked this fuckerette's moan; really a twisted song to the ears of a hot Italian stallion like me!

"Man of Constant Sorrow" is the typical drunk pogo track, absolutely the best, and it's not a case it was chosen for the band's videoclip here included; heavy and vertigo causing; it does give you the feeling of being pulled and pushed to every direction at the same time in a crowded quarrelsome bar.

"Long Black Veil" shows another side of Uncle Fucker, the melancholic one, represented by the artwork's inner photo depicting the 3 guys and the girl dead hanged in a sunny park. The band's brightness and the massiveness and sadness of a slow metal are here possible together owing to an "Eraserhead"-like fiddle.
I believe John Zorn would especially appreciate "Wheel Hoss", a bluegrass punk song including a fiddle almost sounding like a sax.

"Tennessee Stud" shows another female vocals, it's sorta like 4 cowboys tag teaming and gangbanging L7; one more time I must stress out the remarkable vocal lines. "Love Come Home" is on the same sonic coordinates, standing out by very lively raw guitars, whereas "Mountain Girls" is nothing but a cheerful song with a dobro intervention; it'll make you take out from the closet your boots, cowboy hats and lazos. The fuckerettes won't say no to you, not at all, man!

"R.I.M.S.B.A.", I don't know why, reminds of Cadillacs dirty with mud, parked in an isolated US village; this is another composition enriched by another superb guitar solo by the funambulic long-double-plated Grizzly Izzy, proving UF are hard-core serious musicians and not only freaks. By the way, a praise also goes to the banjo players appearing on this CD, closed by "Abilene", a village I'd honestly never heard, on which this unmissable ballad is based upon; even most traditional girls will dig it.

With the arrival of more and more ultraprolific immigrants, even the seemingly vast US prateries are disappearing to make way for hotels and houses as it already happened in Europe long ago, yet Uncle Sam's great-great-grand-children keep doing their great-great-grand-father's job and they like to wave the flags of the States where lots of countrymen still live and survive. Actually, I dare to say that Uncle Fucker seem to be able to cleverly bridge the 19th century and 2 different new millennium's genres, therefore...thumbs and crests up for them!
Oh, I almost forgot to say that the enhanced CD offers not only the a.m. clip, but also a lot of pictures portraiting the band live or off stage, among which a wonderful photo of the Fuckerettes displaying mesh nylons and a typical cowboy look that makes me drool more than when Homer Simpson's before some fatty sausages and puts his tongue out hanging askew. Such girls are so hot that they could make a dead man resuscitate for sure, so this is one more reason to contact Izzy's crew a.s.a.p., and enjoy this MF UF CD!


Band contacts:
182 Hoyt St. #1, Brooklyn, NY 11217 - USA
Tel: (+1) 9176535589

E-mail: Grizzlyizzy@aol.com