Umigliazione/2 Minuta Dreka

'La Promenade de l'Intolérance/2 Minuta Dreka'

(Self released)

MARKS: 80/100 - 40/100 = Average 60/100


Split 7" for 2 Italian grind bands around for a while.

Umigliazione show 3 songs, of which "Supermercato dell'orgoglio ninfomane" is the shortest, "L'unico desiderio di un adolescente morto", the most sadistical; the hardcore parts are very 80's. Great song! A few bass lines introduce the last one, "Teatrino del libertario", closed fading with double vocals fighting.

The distorted notes of the bass open "Your Life Is Useless"; the resting 2 Minuta Dreka's 68 songs are even fiercer and more extreme, but unluckily too repetitive. Pleasant is the artwork, based on tortured people and Japanese sex-oriented; the titles of almost every song, in English or Serbo-croatian are memorable as well. I presume the outro comes from a 70's thriller, and that is a good choice. I'm sorry to be so severe to 2 Minuta Dreka, but I'm convinced they could write much better songs and not play the same one so often.



2 Minuta Dreka