'When the Twilight Covers the World'

(Self released in 2001, re-released by Oskorei Music in 2005)

MARK: 89/100


Oskorei Music has reprinted the first effort by the Russian duo, which session drums recorded in 2004 have been added to. This episode is much farther from their future recordings, more haunted and damned, although already teeming with majestic and atmospherical parts.

Following the fairy-taled "Intro",
the title track consists in a long cauldron embodying glacial and harmful Black with fond elements and female whispered clean vocals, surrounded by sheer strength bursts. The imperious riffs would be Death, but the sounds and the tuning are definitely blackened, matched with suffered and onirical bridges between guitar and keyboards.
A very involving example of fast and diabolical Black is "Antihuman"; memorable are the slowed parts and the bell tolls after the guitar solos, but what matters most to me is to stress out that this is one of the tracks that enjoyed more the adding of human drums.
"Hail, Ragnarok!" corroborates my impression of this album neing the more malignant and fierce of the three up to now recorded; notwithstanding this, moments of Folk Black metal and symphonic flashes are not missing, among which an operistic keyboards fugue.
For who is in search for intricated, twisted and semi-distorted riffs and not only typical Black blastbeats, here's "Evil Is My Lifeforce"; that track really leads us to the core of the underworld hand in hand with a hungry vampire, and the dread gets especially aroused by grisly and spectral keyboards interventions.
And afterwards, the composition alone justifying the buying of the CD, "To You, O Forest"; cemeterial keyboards suddenly turn to romantic ones and paint the beauty of incontaminated nature, in a word, Eden. Surprising is the effect that a shrewd use of keys may evoke!
A baroque beginning for the malicious and rough "The Triumph", embellished by genial keyboards and an aura that will bring everyone to a horrorific, if not necrophiliac, orgasm before the finalé celebrating the victory over the enemy battalion.
The 1,000 shapes of Twilight Is Mine are all included in "Backwoods Dreams": ethereal and dream-like till the male screams enter on the scene; by listening carefully you'll also enjoy female witch vocals calling from everywhere in the wood you're in. If a Russian Folk Black metal current scene existed, then this would instantly become a classic.
The closure is entrusted to "The Lullaby In Storm", not one of the most popular pieces by P. Tchaikovski, and indeed one of his gloomier ones. Here you will find the evil Blacked version, which lyrics were added to.

The straighter and more bestial material of the Russians, yet at the same time very keyboards-oriented is this, and I suggest you not make my mistake of listening to the other two albums first, or you'll appreciate their evolution with more efforts.
Magic art to its purest state...

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th December 2005

Line-up on this record:
Hater - g., b., male v.
Stellarghost - keys and female v.
Alcothron - session d.

E-mail: stellarghost@nm.ru
Official site: http://twilightismine.narod.ru/Frameseteng.htm

-When the Twilight Covers the World (CD, 2001 - re-released in 2005)
-The Egregor of Evil (CD, 2002)
-Wreaking Overrun (CD, 2003 - re-released in 2005)

-...vom Nachtnebel umarmte Wälder (4-way split - 2006)
-Evolution of Degradation (CDr - 2008)