'Wreaking Overrun'

(Self released CDr, recently reissued by Magik Art Entertainment)

MARK: 85/100



If you prefer old school elite Black metal, then you probably already know this Moscowian band at its third CD; if not, you must absolutely listen to it and you'll find out some clear influences from the '80s but also several personal elements that will give you a quite positive impression about the 2-piece, here helped by session member Messiah A.M.

The CD is divided in two parts, "The Peak of Hate" and "On the Foundation of Past" and includes lyrics dealing with hatred towards humanity, mysticism and nature glorification. After "Intro", first disquieting and frozen, later pompous, and in the end caught up with a propaedeutical guitar, "Cities Must Fall" starts and it's hell on earth! This track runs fast and rabid with Bathorian vocal patterns till a groundbreaking slowdown interrupts the song with a great riff; the final acceleration goes repeating the refrain and the first strophe with an abrupt stop; it's a vicious attack against technological progress that doesn't respect nature and forgets that man is not the sole being on this agonizing planet.
A demolishing mid-tempo opens "The Black Trace", anticipating another annihilating drum blast; this composition reminds me of the very early Behemoth as for vocals and riffs whereas the middle riff is plainly Falkenbach-influenced. Killer!
As the very title suggests, "Hate" displays a tight and razor-edged tissue on which different kinds of the most evil vocals are added; there are a few male vocals added to Stellarghost's roughest lead female ones.
Only "Mistake" is a bit inferior to the rest; a head down and scorn-ridden incursion concluding the first part of the CD; it adds nothing new but is still pleasant after all.
The 2nd part begins with "The Silent Knowledge", strongly diverse from the previous songs; it deals with the Mayhem of "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" and Ondskapt; I adore the angry and the ghostly male vocals, and how they've been interlaced with the guitar plot, partly semi-acoustic until the melancholic ending. It truly gives the idea of restoration on the past ruins. Further numbers of high school are represented by the central back up vocals and the almost Folk arpeggio. This remains the highlight of the CD to me even after a year I listened to the self-recorded version.
On the same trail nevertheless more distorted is "Young and Cursed", composed by D. Gans (R.I.P.) in 1991 and supremely re-arranged by the Russian act. Another of the better built tracks with Progressive keyboards, an excellent, fanciful drumwork and unforeseeable rifferama. Manhater's voice here faithfully kindles the idea of him nailing you to the wall shaking you and screaming at 5 centimetres from your face with the maximum possible rage.
"Baba-Yaga" was originally written by Musorgsky in 1874 and almost 150 years later, Twilight Is Mine homage their connational with an alliance between Metal and Classical music, piano and keyboards; Musorgsky's version was already modern and effective
ly dim, but the 3-piece makes it a nowadays destabilizing masterpiece. I've always preferred Musorgsky and Prokofiev to the more gleeful Tchaikowsky ("The Lake of the Swans" for example) and this version can't but confirm my feeling.
Pronto comes the "Outro", deign end to this CD, reprising the aria suspended after the prologue

Finally, let me just add that the sounds on this CD are good and the ones of the drums practically perfect for a Black metal record and that the Cd was recorded during the spring and autumn of 2003, but the material was composed between 1999 and 2000 except for the two above-mentioned tracks.
I'll shut up, you'll shut up. Let the Twilight speak its truth...


E-mail: stellarghost@nm.ru

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