'Yakov Dzhugashvili'

(Monomentum Collective)

MARK: 90/100


Dedicated to Stalin's first repudiated son, the five-track EP follows the 2015 album "Songs That Your Mother Shouldn't Hear", and it's hard to catalogue in a nutshell; Tsar Bompa, not to be confused with the almost homonimous Stoner Metal colleagues from Paris, are five weird, jocular crackpots who accept no boundaries to their music style and embellish it with mounds of effects, always adding something that is really necessary and suitable.

Already from "In Poet" the improvement in comparison with the sloppy performance and songwriting of last year's songs is huge. Just listen to how the singer is strutting like a young concoction of Scott Weiland and Mick Jagger, and then enjoy the abrupt and hot outbursts of Stoner and Post-Metal in the vein of Neurosis, Isis and the likes.
"Daddy's Holding A Gun" is a make-or-break track, in that you'll understand if this band is for you or not; they like extremes and they're proud to show it, so you be the judge, because there's no half way. I'm myself surprised to see these drunk vocals, this kind of thumping Indie Rock and the sax solo have stuck to my head in a pleasant way, but that's how it goes, I just can't resist and wanna join the party.
Strange, mesmerizing and original, "Demogratznyy" can revamp the spirit of The Clash adapting it to the 2010s, less Ska and more depressed for a handful of seconds; the arranging and the key Noise-Rock layers in the backdrop are simply genial until it comes the time for the vocals and the guitars to reappear, still the surprises within this composition are so many that it's pointless to list them all, due to the fact that it's mainly an instrumental track. Sometimes the quintet makes you feel like you're under the tent of a circus watching a show but it does that ten times better than overrated showy acts such as Panic! At the Disco.
Possessed by the soul of a defunct uberkitsch mafioso from Russia, the singer delivers funny vocals with a thick Russian accent in "Diskoteka", a Disco song even accompanied by an offical videoclip (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9awwWuof5pw). The angry final vocals spice up the recipe, but it's right to stress out that you have to be into Gogol Bordello, John Zorn or Mike Patton's "Mondo cane" to understand and assimilate it the way it was meant.
Catchy, noisy, danceable, the closer "We Like 2 Tanz 2 U2" also contains tribal parts, a repeated Stoner Metal structure, cheeky vocals, as well as psychedelic/videogame sounds galore, and as if it weren't enough a guitar solo all under the plan of not boring the listener not even for an instant. In this case no phrase is more appropriate than: mission accomplished!

Please don't fall into the cliche of thinking that Dutch young people are all stoned to the bone, as the Eindhoven quintet didn't need a single bong-smoking session to compose this weird EP, which is merely a spontaneous product of their beautifully, naturally fucked-up minds...;)


Line-up on this record:
Guitars: Koen Verhees, Jordi de Backer, Cas Krijnen

Bass guitar: Lars Anthonissen

Keys: Cas Krijnen

Drums: Martijn

Lead Vocals (inpoet, daddy's holding a gun, We like 2 tanzz 2 u2) : Koen Verhees

Backing vocals: Jordi de Backer

Lead vocals (Demogratznyy): Jordi de Backer

Lead vocals (Diskoteka): Lars Anthonissen

Eindhoven - NL

Official site:


-Songs That Your Mother Shouldn't Hear (EP - 2015)
-Yakov Dzhugashvili (EP on CD - 2015)