'Affective Arousal'

(Sonic Blast Media)

MARK: 87/100


Second release from the Singaporean label and second album for the Baltic act formerly known as Guts Of Anger after 5 years of silence.
11 tracks touching diverse styles and featuring the brand-new vocalist for the first time. From the opener "We Both Know", starting with a Power metal riff, then going to the latest In Flames, afterwards turning Metalcore, and keeping some clean vocals before the end, one barely realizes how many facades compose each song, with this impression reinforced by "In Moments of Sadness (Relax and Smile)", Modern/Extreme metal where some guitaristic and vocal similarities with Pantera and Disease Illusion come out, as well as some Kataklysm and Hypocrisy elements, whereas "Is That Way Mine" pays heavy tribute to Cannibal Corpse, alternating it with Modern metal passages with clean vocals alà Ill Nino; at the same time it'd be reductive and unfair to cite bands and end the description there; it's more exact to claim these references come out of all the songs also thanks to a certain 90s-oriented production, but they are never too plain or unpleasant to the ears. Trendkill Method want to show what their musical background is like, yet they also know how to make songs interesting, versatile and endowed with enough elaboration during the arranging. They know when to stop before turning a citation to a carbon copy.
One of the highlights and one of the most original tracks is "Frontline Soldiers"; unmissable are the lyrics as well about an ex-friend and the U-turn situation condemning the bastard to pay for fucking up with his own karma. "Reason for Hating" is an occasion to slow down in the beginning, but soon after the typical assault comes out, this time with an extra effort requested to the drummer; the guitars and the riffs work closely in a way sometimes reminding Shadows Fall, Slipknot, and in the end Cannibal Corpse again.
"Convection of Worlds" mixes the Metalcore of bands such as Heaven Shall Burn with the latest In Flames, yet almost growling vocals and additional Hardcore textures close to the end, whereas "Stunned by the Gun" is Thrash/Death on the trail of Dew-scented enriched by amazing chorus clean vocals that might make you think of....surprise surprise...the early Alice In Chains (no shit!) and a memorable axe solo to conclude it.
It's hard to say which one of the riffs within "Pleasure Makes Me Paranoid" conquers the palm of coolest, nevertheless I'm convinced many bands wish they'd written a couple of them, and so goes with the guitar solo; this track can be appreciated by a vast audience ranging from Megadeth fans to Fear Factory ones, to conclude with the ones following a kind of Metal born in the 21st century.
A hint of keyboards and the decise contrast between angry and melodic vocals make me think of those Swedish bands that started this new vein of Metal (Soilwork and the likes). With "Free Fall" one more time the Latvians create a song that is independent from all Metal bands, recycling diverse heard elements into something personal.
While "Questions Unanswered" blends hieratic Nu metal with chainsawing Modern Death/Thrash metal ejecting a refrain stunning everybody (confirming this is one of the 5-piece's most effective weapons), the closing track "Welcome Home Dead Home" is a short brutal composition where fast drumming and guitar plot excel above the rest.
All the songs are very well written, the delivery is faultless, and last but not least most of the riffs cause irresistible headbanging...The benchmark for 2011 Extreme/Melodic Modern Metal and aggro Thrash has been set...

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th November 2011

Current line-up:
Denis Melnik - g.
Rustam Guseinov - d. (also in Distant Light, ex-Nightwing)
Denis Denisenko - b. (also in Preternatural, Sanctimony)
Vladimir Korobov - g. (also in Preternatural)
Alexander Viklyuk - v.

Riga - Latvia

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