Treats from the Underground! (Issue #6)
(Beowolf Productions)


MARK: 12/15



Really a premium worldwide successful zine, gifted with a cushy and reading-involving style, containing over 500 reviews of Music, Movies (horror, porn, B-movies), Zines, Live Shows, Websites, interviews with great bands like Cephalic Carnage, Unhallowed (USA), Yellow Machinegun, Chaos Theory, Horde of Worms, Putrefactor, etc., full of intelligent and interesting questions and replies. Also featuring inties with cover artist Erik York and the beautiful B-movie queen Julie Strain.
I also recommend this sheet zine, for I especially appreciated and found quite useful the list of distros and labels at the end.
T.F.T.U. is a long time and it's still around, because there're a big passion, a lot of organization (just look at the bunch of distros they work with), and finally will of sacrificing free time hours, so the 3 crew people get a lot of my respect.
Besides a better paper or the usage of colors I really don't know what more one could ask!