Tourette Syndrome


(Apathic View productions)

MARK: 60/100


Some 20 years ago no-one would imagine, expect or accept a genre like this new one (Electro-Gore-Grind), now the times have changed a little and so we'll have to add a new branch of music connecting the extreme propagations of techno and metal respectively.
Imagine a mix of Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Fear Factory, Berzerker, latest Electrocution, Addiction hybridized with Gabber, Grind vocals or piggy and effected, and finally intros in German or English (top-notch the one at the beginning of "Gupp"). Hard to figure? I know very well, as I myself have never met before anyone dealing with so special a style.

Besides that, the band's look is genuinely crazy (take Hawaian shirts, two dildos covering the singer's ears, Carnival or Village People clothes) and add the orgy of sounds which's unleashed during their shows; as though it weren't enough their lyrics and titles are all but politically correct.
The main problem is that they tend to be a bit repetitive, even if I appreciate the effort to bring forward the try begun so many years before by avantgardistic Pungent Stench.

As to the the higlights, "Logorrhoe", "Six Millions Ways to Fly", "Giggly Geriatric Gipsy Gigolo", "Tandra Tantrum Temporizer" (in which a didgeridoo appears) and the short "Adolfart"; these cocaine-intoxicated live beasts' debut CD also includes 3 cover versions: the greatly performed "Disgusting Corpse Dissection", originally written by Gut, Bowel Stew's "Bizarre Ovine Gang Bang", the funny rendering of "Wo geht's lang Peter Punk?" by Trio and a remix of "Gott ist Tod /Kain & Abel", whose primal lyrics and vocals come from Das Ich.

They haven't revolutioned my listen list, I won't take them seriously as they themselves don't want to; would you if you learned that an ex-member got lost in the 'pagan forests' of Hunsrück and singer QNZ got popular with several Speedcore/digital Grind projects and one, Worms of Lucifugus, playing drumbeat comedy Black metal? However, if they don't cost too much I guarantee you I'll call them to play at my next birthday's celebration or at my degree party.
And you thought that Gore-Grind was not danceable?...


Current line-up:
Qnz - vocals, beats, HP-design
Messer - guitar, mix & mastering
Taschenmesser -g.
Phil Pedo - Liveshow MC support, party animal
Begby - v., didgeridoo

Official site:

-Gabbergrind (Cd - 2005)