' For Maggots to Devour'

(Karmageddon Media)


MARK: 95/100


From the neverending tank of glorious bands that is Scandinavia, here comes Karmageddon Media's first release, Finnish 5-piece specialized in old school death metal.

Already from the opener "Flesh Breaks to Open Wounds" you can recognize a style quite in the likes of Obituary, as to riffing and drumming, whereas the growling and the screaming take inspiration from Six Feet Under., yet some riffs are a little more modern. It really seems that Obituary are reborn in a new body when you hear the fantastic initial riff of "Motivated to Kill", so sick and almighty a riff, men! The vocals are once again 6FU-derived, but the guys explicit their influences on the booklet instead of denying them, so I appreciate their honest attitude too. Another song worth being mentioned is "Necrophag", including a genius strike, a gun loading noise in the middle of the song. If you wanna hear a guitar neighing, then the fast death metal of "No Time to Bleed" has been written for you; you'll also enjoy the good solo and the one of "Torture to Death", containing a wicked ending riff.

It's useless to spend too many words on a record I can't find any faults in; to me Torture Killer is a synonym, or better, a short way to mean healthy old-school Death metal in its finest form with cool intros about zombies and necrophiles that won't miss conquering all Mortician lovers as well. In a nutshell: a masterpiece! What are you still waiting for? Go get your copy now!