Throne Of Chaos zine # 5


MARK: 85/100



I recommend you this b/w pocket size (A5) paper not glossy zine in English because the questions and the answers are always interesting and never feel like prepared or sounding like a boring useless copy read hundreds of times before in other bands' interviews. Quite unusually, there are no reviews in this issue, but this shouldn't bar you from appreciating its 40 pages.
Another reason to try and order a copy is that I believe that what makes this fifth issue particularly special and outstanding is the interview with Christophe Szpajdel, The Lord of Logos, concerning his profession of logo maker for countless Extreme Metal formations that brought him to such a level so that he's even had to hire a manager and he's recently been commissioned works for Metallica and Rihanna (!); he's been in the logo creation industry for decades but he became really popular only when he made up and drew Emperor's memorably styled logo.
Throne of Chaos mainly deals with Black Metal bands or projects and features acts from all over the globe, without giving too much space to Portuguese ones, although it comes from Portugal. There is even one interview with Nathorg, one of the very few Black Metal hordes from Iran, and another thing to notice is that besides Imperium Dekadenz, the other combos are all (very) underground. The list also comprises A Constant Storm, Acheronte, Deep Agony, Fiendlord, Frozen Gate, Grievance, Illum Adora, Lamia Oculta, Salqiu, Serpent Path, Szept, Thokkian Vortex, Trasig, Verminlord and Zriebadlo.
Another flagbearer of the BM new generation publications, ToC zine seems to have no faults, so we wish the author not to ever lose his dedication and keep finding the time and energies to introduce us to obscure musicians' ideology and stories.


Contacts: Paulo Grave