'Hung like Mussolini'

(Self-released EP)

MARK: 100/100


Taking its monicker from the largest spider in the world, Theraphosa blondi, belonging to the tarantula family, the four-piece from Missouri debuts with a stunning 6-track EP mixing Extreme Metal, Prog, Electro Music, and other styles to create a unique concoction bound to leave a positive mark on our minds.

A muezzin's singing doesn't promise anything good, but the heavy obsessive riff following makes us serene about the musical direction; the Muslim vocals disappear and a guitar solo interrupted by a drum machine pattern completes "Adzhan".
Electro beats and then real drum whacks introduce "Big Paxton"; fast drums on a low-fi Black Metal structure preceding spoken words is what's to expect later. A guitar solo with several variations (first rapid, then slow, then Maidenian and finally Slayer-influenced) is placed before the initial structure is repeated till an inset of old Jazz (early 20s) pops in, later interrupted by melancholic Sovietic 2nd-world war song "Тёмная ночь (Dark Night)" sung by Jewish vocalist Mark Bernes, in turn replaced by an excerpt of a Martin Luther King's speech.
"The Crypt Fugue" is a one-minute organ-led instrumental track, while "Neda" displays female vocals on Middle-Eastern percussions, then a sombre piano line and after a short pause it turns to raw Avantgarde Black Metal with threatening male vocals and a main dark groovy riff; there are also brief Electro elements reminding Mortiis before a Thrash Metal riff changes the rhythm and vocals in the vein of Murderdolls and Deathstars appear; a mention has to go to the growls in the tight parts and in the precious bass work in the backdrop. A metallic and melodic arpeggio closes the composition, the best of all without doubt.
Continuing the path of weirdness and wickedness in many other ways, "A.D.H.D." starts with 80s martial Electro beats, enriched afterwards by rapping vocals and a fastly riffing guitar, assorted vocal samples, liquid guitar sounds until the finalé with kids' vocals and then obscure keys leads to the very end.
"The Revolting Blob" is an uncredited bonus track: gloomy, with a Meshuggah-like riff, a Prog Black break, and intergalactic samples; after a pause the Metal riff comes back and the closure is entrusted with videogame samples!

20 minutes of intentionally raw-recorded experimental music hard to assimilate the first time, but on the second listen meant to stick in your minds begging for the replay button to be pressed again and again.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - November 20th, 2014

Line-up on this record:
Timothy Schnieders - v., sampler, programming
Victor Miller - acoustic d. and percussion
Peter Koenig - g., synth, programming
- bass g.

Columbia, MO - USA


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-Hung Like Mussolini (CD EP - 2014)