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One-man band Fabrizio clears away all the doubts on his debut album "Evil Illusion" and lets us know some more interesting allegations on his agenda



-A short biography for those who don’t know you yet. Where does your monicker come from?

The project started in 2004 from the study of artistic representation of the macabre, grotesque and human psychology. Having started playing guitar and bass in several black metal bands, I opened a site of artwork called trying to unleash my passion in all kinds of arts. With time and experience in the music, I refined my skills as a composer in dark ambient music, finding my ideal dimension. So after years of recording techniques experience, I decided to create an entire full length by combining all the good that I learned over time.

-How long did it take you to compose the album? Do you normally have a complete picture of the whole song or do you simply start from a keyboard line/sample to develop?

To compose the album took me about two months.  I relied completely on my instinct trying to get as much as possible in an atypical state of mind. In fact all tracks on the album were not created following a precise pattern, but only giving vent to my feelings as you can see in some tracks left intentionally out of time. When I compose it is not necessary for me to create a basic keyboard, guitar or bass. Any instrument or sound is OK; the important is to try to be able to translate my first sensation into music and later finish with other secondary sounds.

-What experiences and influences led you to create this project-band?

I started playing bass and guitar in some black metal bands and I was always the person employed to do the test records with drum machines, multi track software and more. My home became a mini recording studio with cables, guitars, computer hardware scattered in my room. Over time I learned to use other professional programs better feeling the need to create something of my own. I waited several years before creating an album because I wanted to be sure I have the experience to be able to translate what my mind created.

-How come is there an ethereal part contrasting the general darkness in “A New State of Mind”?
"A New State Of Mind" is the track that marks the end of the passage of the death of reason in favor of more complete mental madness. The soft sound is the moment of awakening in what could be identified as a new vision of reality charming initially, but then turns mad and macabre.

-Being artists, therefore making music in your case, is it a way to become more mature, aware and stronger, or does it make you weaker because you unavoidably acquire sensitiveness you didn’t own before?

Seeking explanations for certain human mental states has made me become more sensitive to events around me and even stronger in dealing with this. Becoming an artist often means not being understood by people close to us. Combine the two means being able to live above it all.

-What messages do you want to convey by your debut album?

As you can read on the cd booklet "Evil Illusion" is the research and the study of a human mental condition in a frenzy due to the illusion of being possessed by Evil....
As an atheist I think diabolical possessions are only altered mental states and therefore an "Evil Illusion". I have always been interested in studying human psyche, trying to understand the meaning of people's actions. Insanity is a mental state that attracts me because it is totally spontaneous and unpredictable. Exchanging an inexplicable thing with a paranormal event is the biggest mistake that man can do and various religious myths come from.

-Are you gonna play live, and if so, with session musicians?

I do not think there will ever be a live event because for me this is a genre that should be listened alone in a silent closed room or while reading a book or simply with your eyes closed. I want the listener to use this album as a soundtrack of their deepest thoughts.

-Did you compose new tracks in these months? Will there be a hint of vocals?

I currently have ideas in development. My mind is always at work searching for new psychological sensations. I think all my future albums will be psychological concepts, so I need to understand what to focus on in my next work. Almost certainly there will be mini texts to interpret and act in order to enrich and to better understand the significance of each track.

-What new elements do we have to expect from your next album, music-wise and lyric-wise?

I am trying new solutions and I am surely going to put my wife’s female lyric voice on that. I am lucky to have a professional singer in my house who can interpret to perfection all that I have to say with my music. I'm also looking for some kind of new instrument to play and record to give more variety to the sound. I would also like to add a video to represent the idea of what I want to express more.

-Does your inspiration come from nightmares, real facts, novels, movies, séances you took part in?

My inspiration comes from studies on personal mental states united to human obsessive search for an explanation of events seemingly inexplicable. I think that there is no better than Ambient music to represent it. To create this album I also heard several soundtracks and read articles on this theme. I just look around to find inspiration from things that happen everyday in the world.

-Is the current Roman scene full of fans, bands and clubs where to play your style?

I know the Roman scene and I can say that there are many people who appreciate this kind of music but not many playing it. There are very few clubs that offer the chance to play underground or extreme music genres. In this country if you are not a "love songs composer" or something like that it is unlikely to have any chance of playing.

-Add whatever you want or need to. Thanks for the intie!

I want to thank my wife and daughter for their patience that they had when creating the album and also to the great guys of Nocturnal Brights productions who gave me the opportunity to spread my message without ever giving me limits. I would also like to thank all the people who have never believed in me and gave me the strength to emerge.


Line-up on this record:
Fabrizio Pavia - music and arrangements

Rome - Italy

Official site:

-Evil Illusion (CD - 2009)