The Sun of Weakness

'The sun of weakness'

(Self produced)


MARK: 75/100


Born from the ashes of the death metal band Catacombal Womb, this 3-piece, helped in 3 songs by Martina's keyboards, has nothing to do with metal at all, and is intentionally void of any form of percussions; only vocals, backing vocals and acoustic guitars are for example in the title track, so as to shape melancholic, tender and dreaming images. "Sunrise" and "Illogic Creature" are enlivened by the guest keyboards lines, and the former also embellished by gentle and whispered vocals with a graceful crescendo; my favourite song along with "Grateful Time", very obscure, including nice distorted veins opposed to the acoustic ones, making it different from the previous one. The closure is entrusted to "Breath of the Fog", a dynamic composition with nice bass lines, effectively entwined with the guitar ones.

Dark music touching the core of the soul in a sinister manner. Not so bad for a start, yet they should avoid Vatican church-like arpeggios and I'm sure they'd centre their goal; now they sometimes sound too joyful to me, and that doesn't have to do with the rest of the music. On the other side, the vocals and some structures make me think of a very light acoustic version of My Dying Bride mixed with symphonic touches, so if you're into one of these styles you might appreciate them.