'We'll Show You Mosh, Bitch'

(Defense Records)

MARK: 87/100


The first album from the four Polish Thrashcore villains actually lasts about 25 minutes and this says all about the type of songs: mostly ultrafast, with simple classic song foundations. The riffs and the sounds fling us back to the 80s, so this time the poster and the biography included tell the complete truth.
It's impossible to get bored with this recipe and the clean, balanced recording eases the listening even a bit more. The lyrics deal with social issues including cops' and corrupted government's allergies, booze, a blowjobber, and urban mutants, whereas music-wise the record appeals to fans of Slayer, Cryptic Slaughter, Dark Angel, Razor, S.O.D., D.R.I., Evildead, early Suicidal Tendencies, Gang Green, early Tankard, Nuclear Assault (also semi-covered here), all pumped up on steroids!
Being the fourth release for the Mosh-oriented new record company, I have no doubts in predicting a bright future for it. The speed of vocals and instruments, the liveliness of the bass lines along with the cool edge of these crushing headbanging 13 compositions take no prisoners, both in your room and on stage.
So strong is the impression of being in front of a lost and found 80s Thrashcore masterpiece, nevertheless don't read this as a lack of originality. On the contrary, the Cracowers are able to write timeless music having understood the essence of the style of the golden years. Uappa Terror, guitarist, vocalist and band leader is willing to become the new symbol of this brutal subgenre derived from the breed of good old-fashioned Thrash and Hardcore, which once again springs up nowadays, so as to offer delicious fruits.
If you do have to find some faults in the record, I could say that while Mekong Minetaur is an effective and fast drummer, his work is not stellar by any reach of the word; however, this remains some of the best brutal Oldschool Crossover Thrash Metal I've heard in a long time along with Ukraine's thrashers Crusher's tunes...It's incredible how a low-budget band like this manages to sound better than a whole lot of bands signed to more prestigious labels.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th November 2011

Current line-up:
Mekong Minetaur - d. (also in Fortress, Traktor, ex-Inseminator)
Uappa Terror - g., v. (ex-Blood Dries First, ex-Świniopas (live))
Tom the Srom - b. (also in Fortess, Traktor, ex-Świniopas (live))
Paua Siffredi - g. (ex-Burnout)

Cracow - Poland
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