Terror Pop

'Freak Out'

(United Flesh records)


MARK: 84/100


First release of the self-owned label by the Swedish band composed by the three armed and dangerous brothers Hans, Sven, JoeN, and the new member and soul mate Jonas. The genre proposed by the 4-piece touched its apex 4 or 5 years ago, but this doesn't mean they can't cut a piece apart in the hearts of the fans of fellow-countrymen such as Gluecifer, the Hives and so on, even if Terror Pop also embrace several elements of star-spangled Pop Punk.

The band starts with the title track and it's full action immediately; a masterpiece of Punk Rock with a twisted and grotesque break dear to Korn, a slow Millencolin-like riff, and then the chorus comes back again as far as the end.
Great lyrics for a REAL hit of Pop Punk, quickly blazing after a mad and almost childish - yet very cool - beginning. Shake Mucky Pup, New Found Glory and Sum 41 and you'll be close to having an idea of "Wonderful". There's also a video and that along with the song are already worth buying the CD.
A funny slow-paced track is "NWWM", with a pair of anarcho-noise insertions; the lyrics seem hyronical and are referred to the so-called 'normal' people.
Sugarcult wished they'd written a song like "Watery Eyed Man", a sort of Pop Punk with an easy chorus, enriched by fake female session singer Camilla's vocals.
Another piece I appreciate very much is "Sell-out", melodic Punk Rock catapulting us to the end of the '90s; amazing and mind-glueing is the refrain.
From the slutty and a bit menacing Funky Punk notes of "Always around" up to the Ramones/Queers/New York Dolls-influenced "Come on!", you'll see you just won't be able not to play these songs again and again.
"Long Live My Flesh" stands out thanks to bassist/singer's really involving vocal performance; lively and various (Punk, Hard Rock, and even AOR tones), it's been embellished and supported by the HDCD recording. Bound to become a classic in the fiery shows of Halmstad's pack.
The palm of most original composition definitely goes to "Die 4 U", which starts slow, then adds Murderdolls-like passages, violin, xylophone and marimba intrusions, making them the heirs of Talk Talk. Fans of the last Faith No More will be pleased for sure.
Time for the best song now, "Blues Hitler", pointed up-tempo between Iggy Pop, early Green Day with Marylin Manson-derived backing vocals.
Finally, keep the rigmarole "Black Roof" as the soundtrack for your next Christmas; in the meantime it's perfect to chill your ear drums before shooting yourselves tthe "Wonderful" clip at full-throttle volume.

Actually not original, but pleasant; they still aren't able to equal the best Punk/Hardcore band from Sweden and probably in the world, that is No Fun at All, however the good news is that the songs in "Freak out" grow listen by listen. Forget mainstream monotonous project acts like the Distillers, Terror Pop are true and raw to the core; very likely they'll make lots of proselytes, if not, so what? They are street Punks, not Rock stars!


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