'The Missiles of Mercy'


MARK: 85/100



Lots and lots of bands dealing with this niche of Hard Rock/80's Heavy Metal art hail from the United Kingdom, and I actually thought this mini-CD had British origins as well. Boy, wasn't I wrong? Based in southwestern Germany, this 4-piece includes a member from Italy, leader Alan Costa, while bassman Pascal Louis has French origins, so maybe this explains their absolutely not-Teutonic timbre, all the more reason witnessed by this cheap EP (only 4 Euros), yet enriched by a pro cover and artwork drawn by Judas Priest's "Painkiller" designer Mark Wilkinson.

Actually 3 songs and one arpeggioed-intro aren't seemingly enough to evaluate a brand-new act, yet I believe in this case they're sufficient to realize the direction Taletellers are taking
: party incendiary Hard Rock with powerful guitar sounds and catchy lines, without omitting a right and proper mention for Stephan Hun's stunning solo capacities.
With regard to the vocal styles, it has to be said they range from Elvis to Punk Rock without gay singings a là Darkness or Queen luckily, while musically speaking the influences reach Living Things, D4, Datsuns, or also AC/DC if you pay attention to the initial part of "Mr. President".

With a detonating look and three hits including "Bad Motherfucker", which was #1 on MyOwnMusic Internet Music Charts for more than six months, I am convinced the quartet won't have problems to find a record deal very soon. That's why they are strongly encouraged to move to England in order to have many opportunities more than in Germany, which remains a great country with a long widespread music culture, but on the other hand is not excessively receptive to this branch of Heavy Rock and Roll.
Towers of London, start worrying and add glue to your current throne!

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 2nd December, 2006

Current line-up:
Alan Costa, lyrics, v., lead & rhythm g.
Ben Graf, d.
Stefan Kuhn, lead g..
Pascal Louis, b.

Alan Costa, Hasbornerstr. 21, 66822 Dörsdorf - Germany
T: +49 (0) 6888/581544 Mob.: +49 (0) 160/91954582
E-mail: info@taletellers.de
Official URL: www.taletellers.de

-The Missiles of Mercy (MCD - 2006)