'Wondering about the Silence of the Forest'

(Nocturnal Brights productions tape)

MARK: 82/100


Why review this tape so late? Well, I admit my faulty delay, but there's also a positive aspect from that. The new Swastika CD is about to be released and therefore it is right to cite this monicker once again to remind you the value of this Ambient/Black metal project and urge you to compare the primal form and the recent evolution.

This demo is special for several reasons, most of all because there is no trace of Black metal or even Metal here, differently from the remaining production of the north-Italian artist; only Folk, Pagan and Dark ambient are allowed to participate in this half an hour split in 5 traces, dedicated to mythological figures of northern Europe.
"Blokula's Realm" alternates moments of relax and others of battle, and spell-bound magic instants as well, that make you think about the elves' realm depicted in the booklet description.
Ghastly, mortuary and spiritualistic, "Dullahan" is a track I can't but adore, so clever at reminding me the retro taste of the black and white horror movies, whereas "Tir Nan Og" is weird Ambient, almost a lullaby for new-born children.
With the title-track you'll embark on a journey to another dimension after entering a thick and thrilling wood. A bass line and light percussions are added to the synth, and later the stage changes thanks to a transverse flute covering the sound of a brook and a sparrow's cry.
Between thunder and the falling rain stands out the howling of "Launan Shee"; synth lines and martial beats close the composition, growing funeral as time passes along with the spirit's wails.

Another reason for this opus to stand out from the mass is the quite original music, matched with an artwork that pays tribute to Vinterriket, Buruzm and the likes. The tape has come out in an ultralimited edition and is wholly painted by Morkavind in a gold colour. A must-have to get before it's over, since it won't be reprinted!

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th December 2008

Current line-up:
Morkavind - all instruments and vocals

E-mail: contact@nbproduction.net
Official site:

-Swastika (CDr - 2003)
-Wondering about the Silence of the Forest (demotape - 2003)
-Runa (CD - 2003)
-Black Metal Egemony (CD - 2004)