(Self-financed CD)

MARK: 81/100


This self-recording, released in a cartoon-CD limited to 500 copies, is a new step onwards if compared to the promo of two years ago, as to the sounds and the songwriting. The cover is very unusual and so is the mysterious monicker, but don't expect any new genre, just Heavy rock in several facets, with the only exception of "X non pensar", an intermezzo made of a piano solo.
Besides that we find tight and involving tracks such as "Non son torpore", "Urlo", as well as "Bisogno di un senso" and "Perdutamente sola": great refrains, guitar solos and effects. The past militance in cover bands and other bands is reaping what they sowed, and that's why the sounds of the drums, the bass and the guitars are so good, although it's a self-recording; as if it weren't enough, the guitar virtuoso gives a huge contribution to the band's cause, not only in easy songs like the Van Halen-influenced "Sembra facile", but also in "Il mietitore", a good composition, yet not catchy and direct like the other 13 tracks.
Were I Sutuana's manager, I'd have no doubts in picking "Perdutamente sola" for a promo video, since the divinely written lyrics really touched my soul and could have great impact on the Italian market with a decent promotion. The songs also come in English, like in the following "Faith (No More)", showing guest vocals by Truculentus's singer, probably the weakest song of the platter: I'm sorry but his voice and his funny pronunciation prove that talent and vocation are not always consonant. Anyway, the song sounds much different from the rest, turning out a weird mix between Negazione and Deathrage.
Coming back to the lyrics, "Mandami una cartolina" is another exception, since the crazy and innocently coarse refrain is in Mantuan dialect, just before two songs in English: the cover version of "Hush" and the rocky and epic "Pain Hymn", very close to Rain's repertoire; the last awesome solo is here and I believe Slash's fans will drool when they hear it!
The closure is entrusted to a reprise song, a bit too slow and therefore a drop in the quality and another ballad put as a hidden track, which is acceptable after all; it's a shame but there are bound to be some failures.
The record grows listen by listen not because of its difficulty; indeed it is mostly simple and hook-laden, like in the best 80's albums. The point I submit to you is that it doesn't contain any innovations, and thus the listener just needs to take the rust away from their brains to get accustomed again to the Guitar-based rock in fashion 20 and more years ago. The Lombard combo takes no prisoners on stage, owing to a kind of music that never disappoints audiences and an attitude that has them prefer the live dimension, while there's still something to perfection in the vocals, the drums and the arrangements. Yes, we're talking about nuances, but the devil is in the detail and nowadays the competition is even more ruthless than in the golden years. In a nutshell: nice job, but next time we expect a professional release from a decent recording studio.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - 20th February 2009

Line-up on this record:
Lorenzo Zagni – guitars, refrains
Marco Nicoli – bass and b-synth
Diego Boschini - vocals and refrains
Gianluca Montanari - drums

Marco Nicoli, Strada Soave 31, 46047 Porto Mantovano (MN) - Italy

E-mail: isutuana@libero.it
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