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MARK: 70/100


The second full-length from these Swedes is a concoction of Emo hardcore seldom with Metalcore taints, sometimes Indie rock ("Wishes & Hopes", "In Confidence"), where the guitar can be melodic and soft, used like a piano, or abruptly turn distortedly loud, but the drums and the roaring bass are constantly dynamic. The vocals remain suffering both when the riffs are docile and when they're wild; on some occasions, such as "Hands Are for Helping", they remind a drunk boy's.
Though one can feel their songwriting isn't top-notch in all the ten tracks, there're some compositions already working really well which might be taken as a model to develop new efficacious songs: one of these is "All That Meant Something", the opener "Cornea" or the instrumental title track.
Not traditional, but not too various, the four musicians deliver a record devoid of catchy tunes or nodding rhythms. At the cost of making them enemies, I can't hide the fact that they play well without arousing enthusiasm in me for their music from beginning to end. It'll be for another time.

MARKUS GANZHERRLICH - December 30, 2012

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