Succo Acido zine
N.15 (March-April 2003)


MARK: 68/100



Long-time b/w not metal zine from Palermo distributed in all Europe with interviews with underground theatre actors, comic writers/drawers, labels, publishers, musicians and other artists...It's not very big and the reviews of CD's and shows are not many, but you can find others on the website and, on the other hand, there aren't even too many commercial ads, actually.
The questions and the answers are usually interesting, the biggest fault resides in the fact that they gravitate in the same political area, which is wrong because you can't have an unbiased view; and basically I remain of the convinction that politics should be avoided; there's too much everywhere, and so is religion...I almost forgot, if you speak Italian, give it a chance, it's free!


Marco Di Dia,
V.G.Prati 15, 90144 Palermo - I
Tel: +39 (0)91 6410588 Mob: +39 328 6221288