(Self produced MCD)


MARK: 90/100


I didn't know this band but I have to admit their musical blend has revealed itself quite involving, precise and well-arranged to my ears.
As they state in their bio, the title track is truly a song of fast and furious deathcore, where alternated double vocals (death and others, more HC) are even preceded by blackish screams, but the riffs are not typically death metal, and that's what makes their genre so unique.
The following "Shadows of Dust" is a battle death metal song with double vocals, both death vocals - on one occasion satanically effected - and death/core ones before a final explosive acceleration. "Abscissa" is the most satisfactory track, with its tight and frantic drumwork coming before 2 groundshaking breaks, a twisted riff and the demolishing finale, once again a successful mix of death and old school hardcore.
Pure crustcore is the beginning of "Self Consiousness", soon evolving into the most Dying-Fetusesque song; there must be a hellish pogo under stage when it comes the time for the accelerations of this track, and the tremendous riff at the end. Then the thrash riffing of "Whispers of Salvation" anticipates stopped guitars matched with bludgeoning double alternated monophonic vocals, making it the most brutal and lively composition at the same time. Finally, the 4-piece delivers another song, a short hidden grind track to conclude the 13 minutes of their absolute debut.
The lyrics are well-written and except "Abscissa" are all clear, the artwork is all in black and white with an obscure feeling that made me think of some black metal bands. I appreciated all of this and also the fact that Stigma used their reduced budget as good as possible, which is a positive sign, a proof of their maturity notwithstanding their young age (19 years) and true DIY spirit. In my view they're ready for a record deal and shouldn't fear comparisons with foreign scenes, and you all pay attention to the aspect that this is not something I easily say to a brand-new band.


Stefano Ghersi
Via S. Croce 27, 12084 Mondovì (CN) - I
Tel: (+39)3497752046
E-mail: info@stigmahc.com