Steve Lieberman
'Desert Fever Brigade + Liquidatia 455'

(Self produced)


MARK: 73/100 for both



The 1st CD is the 3rd for this still not renowned one-man band and includes 22 tracks picking up the material he recorded from 1992 till 2003, among which the songs that made him achieve a fair success in Australia before the demise of on 12/2/2003.
Opener "MP3 Star" starts with a distorted bass and the first thing popping up to my mind is his vocals, very similar to the 70's Ozzy Osbourne. There're also insisting flutes (transverse and happy ones) of course borrowing Jethro Tull's style and a beatmachine. Quite interesting I'd say! The title track is my favourite, thanks to its trombone, the bursts, the flutes, some noises and some noisy guitars; definitely an unforeseeable song through its development.
The most suitable refrains for a hit are in "Fear Your Heat-Shield" and "Bop Gun", though, while "Retriever Fever/Shelter-Pup" is lively and features barkings by Steve's dog with drum machine intermezzoes. "Pokey Admin" even includes bagpipes, perfectly matching the vocals and refrains here presented.
A furious drumming from the beatmachine compounds the skeleton of "Bass Man on Steroids", whereas I consider "Popularittaskala" and "Do the Primate (Bop Bop Grind)" worth being mentioned because of their noisyness. There's a lot of punk in "Crash My Speed-Ball Train", while I like the laughings and the kicking way the drummachine is programmed of "Madman with A Flute".
"I Heard it in the Bass Line" contains hip hop bass and Middle-East flute lines; on the other hand I found "Rachel Weeps for Her Children" very solemn, and very different is "Annihilate the Bass"!!!"; in my opinion this song is a little confused, or at least it seems so to me so far, and it's certainly the one with the most guitar sounds and again a distorted bass.
Some compositions do have cool titles like "Hippy in the Legion of Skinheads", or "And the Genre Police Never Sleep (Ian Anderson's Shot-gun Bar Mitzvah)"; in the latter Steve plays the melodica before the closing drunk vocals of "Treblinka Liberated Mir'yam (Edit # 2)".

The 2nd CD contains only 11 tracks, an excerpt from his impending 4th release which is gonna be twice as long, once again a mix of Punk, Prog, Hippy music with drum machines and home made sounds; but this time the recording is a little more professional and refined, as immediately evinced from "Cigarette Store Fast", a very punk song. There're more time changes in the drum machine programming in these songs, and the result can be appreciated especially in "Unholy War in the Holy Land", rife with guitars, whereas even a sax appears in "Dogpark" and in the gem of this CD, "Bumper Car 7 Spot 25", crackling, mad, with laughings and strange Arabian lines again. John Zorn would invite you for a jam after a listen to this song, Steve! The rest of the batch is not so different from the first, but as I said before, there's more care for everything, double vocals included, so I think this is the proof he's on the right way, as it's necessary not to repeat the same rhythmics, a fault findable in "Desert Fever Brigade" once in a while.

Mr. Lieberman could be described as a madman by some, yet I believe him to be an innovator and a charismatic man; the sounds are all very home made, as depicted from the photos from his studio, and I must admit these CDs are not fundamental, yet this doesn't mean you couldn't become new adepts of him!


Gangasta Rabbi Bad'lanUSA music- 276 Hudson Ave. Freeport, NY 11520 - USA